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Travel guides
Initial Asian countries
Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
Myanmar, Yunnan (China)
Malaysia, Philippines

Additional Asian countries
Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan
Brunei, China, Dubai
India, Indonesia, Iraq
Israel, Jordan, Korea
Kuwait, Maldives, Nepal
Oman, Pakistan, Qatar
Singapore, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan

African countries
Egypt, Morocco, Algeria

More country resources
Map room
Photo gallery
Deutsch-Thai Wörterbuch
Indonesia-English dictionary
Travel library

Deutsche Reiseführer
Thailand, Cambodia, Laos
Vietnam, Myanmar, Yunnan (China)

About the author
Introduction to my work *
Political and philosophical essays *
Drafts and version numbers *
How I view myself *
To write or not to write *
Why I write *
Readers editing articles *

Basics of ideology
Optimal orgasms and a gentle death instead of God *
The idea of a gentle death *
Better alive or dead *
Truth and lunacy *
Me and my genes *
The other “eternal” life *
Self-cognition and male/female sexuality *
Marxism and personal values *
Sexual Front Manifesto *
Imposed freedom *
Progress and quality of life *
Nihilism? *

Sexual politics
Substitute freedom *
Why poor Third World democracies are a poor option for foreign investors *
Wrong perceptions about democracy *
Leadership vs democracy *
Why everything gets worse in poor democracies *
Bad democracies *
US-style democracy *
Democracy overemphasizes change *
Better democracy *

An elitist ruling party; a constitution; democracy; and freedom *
Sexual Front politics *
How we can change the world *
Policies for a society of greater sexual freedom *
Second tier values: freedom and safety *
The fallacies of Libertarian politics *
Violence as political tool *
The necessity, and benefits, of destruction *
The problem with leftist politics *
Their model, my model *
The anarchistic alternative *
States are not per se obstacles to personal freedom *
Less government, more personal freedom *
"Personal freedom" strategy *
Will the male and female sex drive ever square? *
Male competition or male solidarity? *
Activism for nihilists *
Agenda for political activism *
On what to spend your money *

Problematic wealth
The wealth trap *
The poverty-sexuality connection *
Who needs a rich society? *
Population policies *
A better world order *

Cultural imperialism
Cultural imperialism *
Anti-sexual US agenda *
Why the US is morally out of proportion *
The real reason for anti-Americanism *
America at war
Why we are winning the Iraq war *
Hope on China *
Why China’s success is crucial *
Why there is nothing wrong with corruption *

Genuine feminism *
Female adaptations *
Sexual morals *
Female emancipation *
Anti-sexual feminism *
Brainwashing young females *
Anti women *
The motivations behind feminazism *

Drugs *
The legalization of drugs *
The anti-religious effect of drugs *
Who is against drugs? *
Drugs and religions *
The value of lifestyle drugs *
Drugs for sexual enhancement *
Death from opiates *

Commercial sex
Prostitution and commercial sex *
Commercial sex establishments *
Why sex tourism (biological interests) *
Prostitution *
US Congress regulating international dating (biological interests) *
US International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005
Third World tourism *
Promoting sex tourism? *
The dialectics of US meddling *

Why I write about Mr. S ... *
S ... - a priest whose primary interest is sexual *
Child torture, child murder in Africa *
C... and the Philippine colonial mentality *
Missionaries *
A Catholic priest in Cambodia *
Burden of proof *
Why young adults can favor anti-sexual religions *
Why Bin Laden has an endless supply of suicide bombers *

Laws of principle (disproportional punishments; extraterritorial laws) *
Leaving US citizenship (disproportional punishments; extraterritorial laws) *
Multiple citizenship *
US human rights (disproportional view of rights and violence) *
Violent and non-violent crime (disproportional punishments for social engineering) *
Constitutional proposal (constitutional right to sexual satisfaction) *
Age discrimination (no birth records) *
Youth emancipation *
An alternative legal theory (victim and perpetrator settlement) *
Dynamic justice (victim and perpetrator settlement) *

Rape charges
Sexual violence *
Sexual culture (how laws can change sexual culture in a country very quickly) *
Anti-male legal bias *
False rape accusations *
Feminazi's rape *
Violent crime *
Holding judges criminally liable for inappropriate sentences *
Male fools (disadvantageous to have a relationship with a woman with a previous child) *

The media
Freedom of the press *
Regulating the media *
Banning sexual reporting *
Over-reporting "sexual predators" *
The BBC *
A good story *

Third World development
From poverty to prosperity *
Globalization *
How to lure foreign investment into a Third World country *
Foreign investment *
Foreign investment in Indonesia
My recipe for Third World development *
Creating wealth in Third World countries *
Why Indonesia should liberalize its drug laws
High visa charges *
Colonialism *
Why Third World countries are poor *
The trickery of economic aid
Scandinavian hypocrisy
The new cultural imperialism *
My advice to young women in Third World cities *

Sexual philosophy
Making sense *
Why do I exist?
No benefit *
Committing suicide *
Moral values *

The primacy of sex
Sexual desires *
Scoring *
Sex beyond good and bad *
The Marquis de Sade *
Sexual exploits *
Knowledge of purpose *
The meaning of life *
The philosophical relevance of sexual enhancement *
The metaphysics of sex *

The world, bad as it is
Know your enemies *
Disease and sexual morals *

To get what you need
Preferences *
Wrong priorities *
Social control *
Peace and disorder (nihilistic negation of elaborate value systems) *
Sexual infrastructure *
Morals (for others) *
Maximizing sexual experience *
Only pleasure *
Living in Third World countries *

A new society
Welcome to the harem
Creating sexually better societies *

Sexual opportunities
Sexual opportunities member login

Importance of membership
An extremely cheap solution
Your most important decision *
Geography and Love (Sexual opportunities members)
Choosing the right country (Sexual opportunities members)

Sexual lifestyle in Southeast Asia
Your agenda *
Sexual agenda
Sexual satisfaction in Southeast Asia *
Third World quality of life
Different rules
Asian sexual market value *
Sexual tolerance in Asia (Sexual opportunities members) *
A dialectical perspective (Sexual opportunities members)

Your edge in Southeast Asia
Alpha males
You can be an alpha male *
Why every man who follows my advice can have a playboy lifestyle (Sexual opportunities members)
How to have a new girlfriend every week in Southeast Asia (Sexual opportunities members)
Where in Southeast Asia you can easily have legal sex with a 17-year old girlfriend who enters the relationship with you as a virgin - no prostitution, no trafficking involved... but you should not be poor (Sexual opportunities members)
How to compete (Sexual opportunities members)
Penis size in Asia

Country comparisons and rankings
Toilets of Southeast Asia
Country comparison for the newcomer(Sexual opportunities members)
Which country offers what (Sexual opportunities members)
Africa, Asia, or Latin America? (Sexual opportunities members)
Where to find the most beautiful woman of the world (Sexual opportunities members)
Looking for beauty at the right places - 1
Looking for beauty at the right places - 2 (Sexual opportunities members)
Looking for love at the right places - 1
Looking for love at the right places - 2 (Sexual opportunities members)
Looking for virgins at the right places - 1
Looking for virgins at the right places - 2 (Sexual opportunities members)

Country by country
Southeast Asia (Sexual opportunities members)
Quick change in China (Sexual opportunities members)
What is possible, and what not, in China (Sexual opportunities members)
Your options in China (Sexual opportunities members)
More comments on China (Sexual opportunities members)
Is China good for black men?
India (Sexual opportunities members)
Chinese and Indian girls (Sexual opportunities members)
Japan (Sexual opportunities members)
More notes on Japan (Sexual opportunities members)
Why Singapore is difficult (Sexual opportunities members)
Singapore (Sexual opportunities members)
Vietnam (Sexual opportunities members)
Exploits in Cambodia (Sexual opportunities members)
The potential of Cambodia (Sexual opportunities members)
Suspicious in Cambodia (Sexual opportunities members)
What you find, and what not, in Thailand (Sexual opportunities members)
What's right (in general), and what's wrong (for foreign men) in Thailand (Sexual opportunities members)
Thailand (Sexual opportunities members)
One man's Thai wife (Sexual opportunities members)
Malaysia (Sexual opportunities members)
The Philippines (Sexual opportunities members)
The best country in East Europe (Sexual opportunities members)
Africa (Sexual opportunities members)

Sexual psychology
Appraise your value
Instrumental jealousy
In praise of unfaithfulness *
Notes on dirty talk
What women want, and what men want (Sexual opportunities members)
How women choose men (Sexual opportunities members)
Rules of competition (Sexual opportunities members)
Manipulating women (Sexual opportunities members)
How pimps manipulate girls to become consenting prostitutes (Sexual opportunities members)
Female sexuality

Engineering Love
The engineering of love
Chasing and flattering
Language as sexual tool
What are we living for?
The benefits of jealousy
Sexual satisfaction
Love - it won't last
Neuropharmacological help
Love as neuromolecular constellation
Your wife... Cleopatra
Arranged marriages and sexual revolution
"Body count"
Negative feedback
The quality of orgasms

Prostitutes and non-prostitutes (Sexual opportunities members)
Virgins (Sexual opportunities members)
Rules of deceit and deception (Sexual opportunities members)
The time element in Asian love relationships (Sexual opportunities members) *
Hunting in the Muslim World (Sexual opportunities members)
Generating income in a Third World country (Sexual opportunities members)
Career options (Sexual opportunities members)
You are of university age, and want a life full of love relationships. What academic subject should you decide for? Definite advice. (Sexual opportunities members)
Best places for Chinese men (Sexual opportunities members)

Sexual security
Who needs "sexual security" *
The law
Uninvolved and low-key (Sexual opportunities members)
Avoiding trouble (Sexual opportunities members)
Harm's way (Sexual opportunities members)
The dangers of summation (Sexual opportunities members)
Understanding crime (Sexual opportunities members)
Legal considerations (Sexual opportunities members)
Dangerous errors on (Sexual opportunities members)
Prisons in Southeast Asia (Sexual opportunities members)
Court cases documentation (Sexual opportunities members)
Bribing legal systems in Southeast Asia (Sexual opportunities members)
What proof you should prepare that intercourse was consensual - 1 *
What proof you should prepare that intercourse was consensual - 2 (Sexual opportunities members) *
In what encryption format to best keep your sensitive files on your PC (Sexual opportunities members) *

Other aspects
Mass air travel
The dynamics of sex waves (Sexual opportunities members)
Good times (Sexual opportunities members)
Dismembering the value of life (Sexual opportunities members)
Female feedback (Sexual opportunities members)
Questions and answers (Sexual opportunities members)

Tongkat Ali
Scientific research
What are the active ingredients of tongkat ali
Eurypeptides and bogus science
Scientific proof for tongkat ali
The tongkat ali revolution
Restoring youth with tongkat ali
Why tongkat ali is superior to Viagra
Human clinical trial
Discussing tongkat ali (by invitation only)

Buying tongkat ali
Tongkat ali purchase rules
Tongkat ali price comparison
Purchasing quality tongkat ali
Sites covering tongkat ali
Heavy metals in Malaysian tongkat ali
Tongkat ali for date rape

Effect on sex organs
Increasing penis size with tongkat ali
Larger testicles from tongkat ali
Penis and testicle size after tongkat ali use
What is a tongkat ali penis?

Effect on sexual function
Better sex with tongkat ali
Excited about tongkat ali
How tongkat ali improves libido
Dramatic libido boost with tongkat ali
No sex drive when off tongkat ali
Intense orgasms with tongkat ali
Ejaculations with tongkat ali
Increased semen volume with tongkat ali
Increased intercourse frequency beyond age 60

Tongkat ali and testosterone
Tongkat ali clinical trials
Free testosterone raised more than threefold
Testosterone levels more than doubled with tongkat ali
Tongkat Ali’s likely hormonal pathway

How to use, dosage
Tongkat Ali dosage
Tongkat Ali tea or extract
Higher dosage tongkat ali extract
Four times the standard dosage of tongkat ali extract
Tongkat ali extract at age 76

Weight loss with tongkat ali
Tongkat ali and weight loss
Physical improvement with tongkat ali
Tongkat ali and athletic performance

Tongkat ali and general health
Tongkat ali studied as cancer treatment

Tongkat ali and other substances
Tongkat ali and kacip fatimah
Tongkat Ali compared to dopaminergics

Scientific articles on tongkat ali
Effects on sexual performance
Aphrodisiac qualities of Eurycoma longifolia jack
Increase of sexual motivation
Tongkat ali and sexual orientation
Enhanced libido
Antimalarial activity
Tongkat ali and sexual dysfunction

Sexual attractiveness
The philosophical relevance of cosmetic surgery
Worthwhile to subscribe?
Wrong decisions
Which surgical procedures in which sequence (Sexual attractiveness members)

Sexual function
Sexual function member login

Questions and Answers (Sexual function members)

To be a better lover
Program for optimal sexual function
Size matters
Men’s concerns with penis size and erection quality
Male penile insufficiency
How to satisfy a woman
Engineering the female orgasm
The importance of delaying orgasm
What medication can be used to facilitate orgasms
How to have correct intercourse (Sexual function members)
How to engineer female orgasms (Sexual function members)
Where to buy the orgasm ease medication (Sexual function members)
How to satisfy every woman, and have the best sex of a lifetime yourself
The right pharmacological mix (for the best sex of a lifetime) (Sexual function members)
Male ignorance about the female orgasm (Sexual function members)
The psychology of better sex (Sexual function members)
Depressed for a reason

Yohimbe and other sexual enhancement medications
Yohimbe and erectile dysfunction
Yohimbine pharmacology
Scientific articles on yohimbe
Does yohimbe increase penis size?
Yohimbe dosage (Sexual function members)
Yohimbe overdose management (Sexual function members)
Yohimbe or yohimbine - which is better ? (Sexual function members)
Yohimbine prescriptions
Yohimbe buyer's guide (Sexual function members)
Review of yohimbe products (Sexual function members)
Yohimbe Fuel price comparison
Yohimbine at 5 US cents per 5 mg dose (Sexual function members)
Yohimbe compared with other substances
Can yohimbine be combined with Viagra (Sexual function members)
How yohimbine and sildenafil citrate (Viagra) work
Yohimbe combined with bromocriptine, deprenyl, and arginine (Sexual function members)
Chairman Mao
Yohimbine and beta-blockers (Sexual function members)
My current own yohimbe regimen
Yohimbe and sleep (Sexual function members)
Apomorphine instead of
(Sexual function members)
Yohimbe exporter in Nigeria 1 (Sexual function members)
Yohimbe exporter in Nigeria 2 (Sexual function members)
Yohimbe sources in West Africa (Sexual function members)

Other herbal aphrodisiacs and non-aphrodisiacs
Superb sex with Tongkat Ali
You need phyllanthus to stay genitally fit
Muira puama - not an aphrodisiac, just a tonic
Pygeum for a lean prostate
Q+A - Erection disappointment (Sexual function members)
Damiana to strengthen the uro-genital tract
Garlic's great power (Sexual function members)

Optimal sexual function
Hypothalamic stimulation
The metaphysics of sexual dysfunction and sexual enhancement
Is penis enlargement for real?
Penile-vaginal orgasms
Negative feedback
Enhancing sexual desire
Do phytoestrogens make men impotent?
GHB and sex (Sexual function members)

Dopaminergic drugs
New York doc no longer available (Sexual function members)
Apomorphine for sexual enhancement
How apomorphine works (Sexual function members)
Apomorphine compared to yohimbine (Sexual function members)
Bulk apomorphine (Sexual function members)
Sexual enhancement with bromocriptine
Bromocriptine not just for Parkinson's (Sexual function members)
How to use bromocriptine in the treatment of sexual dysfunction or for sexual enhancement (Sexual function members)
How does bromocriptine feel - personal experience (Sexual function members)
How to avoid the bromocriptine nausea (Sexual function members)
How to buy bromocriptine without prescription (Sexual function members)
Dopamine agonists
Dostinex - another anti-prolactin ergot derivate
The BBC on Dostinex
Dostinex in context
After you received your Dostinex (Sexual function members)
How does Dostinex feel (Sexual function members)
How to best get your Dostinex (Sexual function members)
Dostinex at 80 US cents per 0.5 mg (Sexual function members)
Dostinex and prolactin (Sexual function members)
Dostinex and testosterone (Sexual function members)
Dostinex and libido (Sexual function members)
Lisuride, migraines, and being hyper-sexed
Can I, please, have my migraines back
How to take lisuride for sexual enhancement (Sexual function members)
Lisuride combined with Viagra (Sexual function members)
Permax / pergolide for sexual enhancement
Pergolide compared with other dopaminergics (Sexual function members)
Where to buy Permax / pergolide without prescription(Sexual function members)
Ergot - a plant poison used for medications that enhance sexuality
Pramipexole and yohimbine
Pramipexole (Mirapex) tested (Sexual function members)
Amineptine reported to cause powerful orgasms (Sexual function members)
How to use deprenyl to improve sex
The dopamine route to a better sex life (Sexual function members)

Indian and Chinese sildenafil citrate (Sexual function members)
How sildenafil citrate (Viagra) and yohimbine work

Testosterone modulation
What you can do with testosterone
Bodybuilding pseudo science
The theory of enhancing testosterone for better sexual function
Personal experience with enhancing testosterone as treatment of sexual dysfunction (Sexual function members)
Testosterone - a second opinion (Sexual function members)
Testosterone modulation (Sexual function members)
Testosterone up-regulation, a tricky issue (Sexual function members)
DHEA - more hype than substance
Injecting growth hormone
Growth hormone and the dream of an indefinite lifespan (Sexual function members)
Growth hormone and sexual function (Sexual function members)
Successful use of growth hormone (Sexual function members)
Prolactin, the multiple culprit

Prostaglandins, Nitroglycerin
Online alprostadil prescriptions and low-price alprostadil cream
Nitroglycerin and erections

Do you need vitamin or mineral supplements?
Discount supplements
Multivitamins - save your money for better purchases
Warning: Health World Online

Amino acids - are they any good?
Fine tuning sexual functions with amino acids
How to use arginine to help erections (Sexual function members)
Lysine - amino acid against herpes
Carnitine - the life-extension amino acid
Phenylalanine and sexual enhancement

The future of sexual enhancement (and happiness)
Neuropharmacology - the new route to happiness
Engineering happiness
Engineering youth
Nature, our enemy
Nature wants us unhappy
Nature depriving us

Scientific background
Essential chemistry
Body chemistry
Basics of human anatomy
Lab mice
Cataracts, epilepsy

Criminal advice
Criminal advice
The best and the worst payment processors
How safe is Internet banking
E-gold horror stories
How to use the Internet to commit profitable credit card fraud
How to rob a bank
If you're a mafia boss?
Recovering money from Ginix
How a bank messes in Internet trade
Entrusting money with Ariu Levi
Character at Coco Commerce
About PayPal

Avoiding air travel
A realistic reason for fear of flying *
Plan B *
Overland travel in Southeast Asia
Thailand - China overland connection (Sexual opportunities members) *
Thailand train schedules (Sexual opportunities members) *


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