Who is Jan Garanoz?


Jan Garanoz is a politically motivated publisher of European descent, based and working in Asia, the world's culturally most diverse region. Publishing takes place exclusively on the Internet, and mostly in a series of anthologies, in this case topic-oriented websites.

The authors whose work is published focus on different themes, and hold different opinions.

But they all fit Jan Garanoz' political agenda.

In its widest sense, this agenda is best defined by what it opposes. It opposes the primarily US-led effort to design the whole world in accordance with North American cultural, and ultimately moral, concepts.

For this is what "cultural imperialism" ultimately comes to: moral imperialism

And it's a very Anglican concept, as defined in Rudyard Kipling's 1899 "The White Man's Burden".

American politics and published morals until now consider all other cultures simply barbaric. But we are not. It's America which has an evil culture, and we do not want to be subject to missionary activity, neither by the US Army, nor by American NGOs or their local cohorts.

This is our political agenda in one sentence: We are against US-American cultural imperialism. Everybody is welcome in the United Front against it, from European anti-globalisation activists to Chinese party functionaries, from South-American dictators to Islamic theocrats, euro-skeptics, Hindi nationalists, and chess geniuses, even if they hold US passports.

Our aim is to protect the cultural and moral diversity of the world. And all of us are under attack from American dogs of war, sometimes disguised as Peace Corps, NGOs, UNICEF, disaster aide organisations, or simply diplomats.

So, let us put aside our differences first, and defend ourselves together against the common thread of imposed cultural and moral conformity. This is what Jan Garanoz stands for.


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