What proof you should prepare that intercourse was consensual - 1


In several countries in Southeast Asia, the rules have, in recent years, been tightened for sexual conduct. At the same time, women in these countries have become smarter in that they are aware that they can put a man under enormous pressure with fabricated charges.

The second part of this article examines what proof you should prepare for the eventuality that you are indeed put under pressure with fabricated charges. What should you video-tape, and how to do it? When and to whom to correctly present your evidence?

What other measures are advisable and practical?

All of this is extremely important. For it's not only that you risk time in a prison? Even if you are just arrested because you are accused, you will potentially make headlines around the world. And mind you: you may not have broken a single law.

Nevertheless, by such an experience, you would quite possibly be traumatized out of sexual pleasure for the rest of your life. I therefore sincerely suggest that you become a member of the "sexual opportunities" package, even if you are not a great consumer of such opportunities. Do it just as a protective step.


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