North Thailand / Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai's moat
Photo: The old city of Chiang Mai is still surrounded by a moat.


Chiang Mai, some 700km (438mi) north of Bangkok, is Thailand's second largest city (though it does not even have 10% of Bangkok's population), capital of one of the largest provinces of Thailand (roughly 20,000sqkm, 7,720sqmi) and in general the center of Northern Thailand.In many aspects, it's much more pleasant than Bangkok. A common claim is that it has the advantages of Bangkok without suffering the capital's disadvantages.

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    Authors note:

    Tourism for idiots

    I can understand some forms of tourism: for example, if people from cold countries want to go to a beach place in a warm country for two weeks. I can also understand those who go to a fun place to party. I can even understand parents who bring their children to Disneyland (though I personally regard this as a waste of money).

    But the tourism you have in Northern Thailand and in Laos is for idiots.

    Remote hill tribes! Wow. The Golden Triangle, the world's traditional opium-growing region. And you were there! Elephant trekking through the jungle. Real adventure!

    The fact is that all of this is so totally commercialized, that it is no different from a theme park. Only less convenient.

    But at least a theme park is honest in that it admits that it's all just show. On the other hand, North Thailand and Laos tourism promotion pretends that all of this is authentic. But it's a lie. It's all only about making stupid tourists spend money. Preferably a lot. For nothing of genuine value.

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