North Thailand / Phitsanulok

Phitsanulok is 377km (236mi) by road from Bangkok. It is one of the economically most important provinces in the North, serving as a center for commerce, transportation and communication.

Phitsanulok is the birthplace of King Naresuan and his equally brave and able brother, King Ekathotsarot. As the cross-road between the northern and central regions of the country, Phitsanulok has long been an important city both for political and strategic reasons. It was a recruiting place when Ayutthaya had a war with Burma. It was a training ground for many kings of Ayutthaya and it was a capital of Thailand for 25 years during the reign of King Boromtrailokkanat of Ayutthaya.

Covering an area of 10,816sqkm (4,175sqmi), the province is divided into 9 districts. Phitsanulok's other name is Song Kwae, meaning town or province of two rivers. Nan River is the main one, running 128km (80mi) across the province. Kwae Noi River (named like the more famous river running through Kanchanaburi) joins the Nan River near Phitsanulok city. This joint river divides Phitsanulok city into two parts, the East and the West Bank. Along both banks of this main transportation artery of the province, people live on house boats and house rafts. Thousands of these houses lay afloat in the rivers while some are in the swamps along the rivers.

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