Virote Y., Thailand: "American NGOs and missionaries in Akha villages - here you can read an Akha voice on what they are doing: sex abuse, kidnapping children, and DEA agents. Details here; http://akha.blogspot.com"





North Thailand / The Region

Photo: Chedis at Chiang Dao, North Thailand

Bordered by Burma and Laos, characterized by forested mountains (lower extremities of the Himalayas range) and fertile river valleys, northern Thailand encompasses part of the fabled Golden Triangle.

The northern city of Sukhothai is commonly regarded as the cradle of Thai civilization in Indochina. In 1238, Sukhothai which had formerly been under Khmer rule gained its independence and rapidly expanded over a territory considerably larger than present day Thailand.

As northern Thailand is rich in attractions for different tastes, a number of places, including the regions center, Chiang Mai, are among the country's most preferred tourist destinations. As the Tourist Authority of Thailand has put it, "diverse elements, including crisp mountain scenery, exotic hill tribes, forests worked by elephants, colorful festivals, invigorating cool season weather, ancient cities, exquisite northern Thai and Burmese-style temples, and friendly people contribute to northern Thailand's enduring charm."


Nevertheless, appearance-wise, females probably are at their peak at age 19, and men, depending on their ethnicity and culture, between the age of 24 and 29.