Tropical fruit / Custard Apple

Thai name: Noi-na

Scientific name: Annona squamosa L.

Season: June to September

Custard apples

Also known as sugar apple, this fruit has a lumpy green skin covering masses of sweet, scented white flesh: in most varieties the fruit can easily be divided into two pieces by hand and the creamy flesh eaten with a spoon. Custard apples also form the base for a delicious ice cream, served in Thai restaurants. The main growing areas are the north-central provinces such as Phetchabun and Nakhon Ratchasima, and the peak fruiting season lasts from June to September.


Pueraria mirifica root stem chips - 800 gram - 9.50 US dollar (shipping included) Please note that the chips are easier to process through Thai export customs, as more documentation is needed for products that visibly forestry items.

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