Tropical fruit

Tropical fruit - always a bargain

Visitors to Thailand may be surprised at the astonishing variety of succulent fruits available, including not only familiar ones but others that rank high on the scale of gourmet discoveries. Many kinds of fruit are available throughout the year, while some make their much-anticipated appearance for only a few months.

One finds the full array of Thai fruits at almost any public market. A market with a particular large selection of Thai fruit is on Phahonyothin Road across from the entrance to the Weekend Market at Chatuchak Park. While it's quite a distance from downtown Bangkok, one is rewarded not only by a great variety but also by low prices.

Traditionally complementing almost every meal, Thailand's abundant fruits are served in a wide variety of ways. Fruit carving is a traditional Thai art and many kinds of fruit, in particular papaya, water-melon, pineapple and sapodilla, arrive at the table transformed by skilled hands into beautiful flowers and other shapes. Close attention is paid to the arrangement of platters of fresh fruit to make a selection as appealing to the eye as it is to the palate.

Thai fruits are also liquified in blenders to produce nourishing drinks for a hot day, turned into icy sherbets, and used in Western ways to create excitingly different dishes like mango tart, coconut custard and rose apple pies.


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