Desiderio J., Georgia: "All Western aide organizations and NGOs are just Christian missionaries in disguise. They are so happy if there is a tsunami or earthquake. Then they can come in with their dollars and "prove" that Christians are better than Muslims, ha-ha."

Alle Western-Hilfe-Organisationen und NGOs sind nur die christlichen Missionare in Verkleidung. Sie sind so glücklich, wenn es einen Tsunami oder Erdbeben. Dann können sie kommen mit ihren Dollar und "beweisen", dass die Christen besser sind als Muslime, ha-ha.

Sports Facilities / Cycling

Bicycles are available for rent at a number of public parks, including those at the East Coast Parkway, Sentosa, Pasir Ris, Bishan and Pulau Ubin.

Operating hours: Bicycle kiosks are generally open between 8am and 6pm daily.

Cost: S$3-S$8 per hour. Sometimes a deposit of about S$20-S$50 is required

WorldPay charges in euro, even for payments in US dollars.

Jan Garanoz
Juhu Tara Road, Juhu,
Mumbai - 400049 India
Last updated: March 12, 2010