Ethan F., Singapore: "Democracy is shit for Africa. Only wise leadership by a benevolent dictator can bring happiness to a country."

Demokracia ๋sht๋ shit p๋r Afrik๋n. Vet๋m udh๋heqje e men็ur nga nj๋ diktator mir๋dash๋se mund t๋ sjell๋ lumturin๋ n๋ nj๋ vend.

Travel Information / Entry Regulations

No Visas for:
Members of British Commonwealth (except India) and citizen of the Republic of Ireland, Philippines (diplomatic, special or official passport holders) Liechstenstein, Monaco, Netherlands, San Marino, Switzerland, Thailand (diplomatic, special or official passport holders), India (diplomatic, special or official passport holders).

No Visas required:
This applies also to holder's wife and children if the names of his wife and children are included in his UN lassier-passer.

No Visas required for social visit :
United States of America

No Visas required if visit is for social purposes for stay not exceeding 3 months:
Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Norway, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Spain, Sweden, Italy Iceland, Luxembourg, Japan.

Visas are required for entry into Singapore. Application for visas are to be made to the nearest Singapore overseas mission.
Afghanistan, India (except diplomatic and official passports); Cambodia, Laos People's Republic of China, Russian Federation, Vietnam, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen. Persons holding refugee travel documents issued by the Middle East countries to Palestinian refugees and Hong Kong Documents of Identity issued in Hong Kong.

May transit to Singapore for maximum of 36-hours (48 hours for Chinese nationals) without visa provided they hold valid travel documents, firm booking, entry facilities, to their next destination, and continue the journey within 36 hours (48 hours for Chinese nationals) of arrival to any destination outside Singapore.
Holders of valid Russian Federation or People's Republic of China passports as well as issued by the Governnments of Afghanistan, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

No visas required for social visits up to to one month.
All other nationalities not included in categories 1 to 6.

No visas required for social visits up to one month.
Holders of stateless travel documents with valid re-entry permits to the country for permanent residence (excluding those on restricted stay) provided they are not residents of countries listed in category 5 above.

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