Rosetta R., Ethiopia: "Why can feminists hold men at ransom in Western countries? Because they do not need men for protection and support. Wealth and safety must be destroyed to return to a natural balance of the sexes."

Perché le femministe tenere gli uomini al riscatto nei paesi occidentali? Perché non hanno bisogno di uomini di protezione e sostegno. La ricchezza e la sicurezza deve essere distrutto per tornare a un equilibrio naturale tra i sessi.


When Sir Stamford Raffles claimed Singapore for the British East India company in 1819, it was nothing but a swampy, thickly jungled island populated by a handful of fishermen and sea gypsies.

Today it is a vibrant, modern city-state of 2.8 Million people - one of Asia's economic "dragons" and the regional centre for trade, transport, banking, tourism and communication .

Singapore 's success is due mainly to its ideal location on the busy sea routes between East and West. For centuries before Raffle's arrival the island had witnessed the passage of Chinese junk, Buginese (prabus),Arab (dhows) and Indian vessel of every shape and size.

On another Maxidus website, it is claimed that the product is entirely herbal, and that it's other enhancers that contain chemicals.

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