Sometimes I am up, sometimes I am down. Whether I am up or whether I am down really only depends on one thing: whether I score or not.

Scoring means: landing a girl in bed.

I score 10 if she is a young first-time experience; when, upon starting out, I am unsure whether she will go the full distance, and then she does; when the whole session matches my pharmacological cycles of sildenafil and tongkat ali; when I have intercourse for 20 minutes, and for the whole length of time have just one thought traveling in circles through my mind: it's sooo good to be alive; life is sooo wonderful!

I score 10. Business can be lousy, my wealth on the decline, but when I score 10, life is great, even if all else is shit.

I can't score 10 every day. But if I score a 10 once a week, my mood is still positive, even when my next score is just a 7.

A 7 would be a girl I have already met before, a girl already known to me... in the way of carnal knowledge, this is.

Aaah, carnal knowledge... what a beautiful word. How sweet can knowledge be if it is carnal. If knowledge comes from studying hard, and if knowledge is carnal, than I will pass my life as an eternal student. You can never know enough (carnal).

I completely lack in humbleness. I am a modern-day stealth sultan. If I do not have a harem, I am feeling depressed.

I am a sultan and nobody knows. For in large Third World cities you can be entirely anonymous. You will have to get the logistics right, though. You will need more than one house or flat. You should own a car, standard make, with tinted-glass windows (the mirror kind), and you need a good working knowledge of the local language.

I have had periods in my life when my average accumulated weekly score has been above 30 for months on end. A first-timer every week, plus the repeats; and at the same time, I was pharmacologically primed to get the best out of sex.

If I score a 10 once a week, I can bear with the odd single score of 2 or 3, that is bound to occur every now and then. I can even go with no score for a few days, though the quality of my mood will decline, and not sleep well every night.

But if I don't score for more than a week, or if a few consecutive scores are just 2s or 3s, than I start questioning whether I'm at the right place.

2s or 3s can happen when girls I meet have already been with me for a few times, or if they are girls who have sex routinely, and not just with me, or, even worse, I land a girl with whom I have hygienic worries.

When my scores drop to a series of 2s or 3s, or when I don't score for a few days, my mind is occupied with just one question: how to re-establish my average weekly score of 30.

I'll go any length. Settle in another Third World country, learn yet another language.

I live for nothing else. I live for one purpose only. A lifelong journey of sexual adventures.


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