Reader comments on feminism

Jeton G., Algeria: "The agenda of American feminism in three words: sex is rape."

Furkat D., Uzbekistan: "If the US wants to make friends in Asia, Africa, and South America, they should first pull out their NGOs, including UNESCO and UNICEF, including the local foundations they sponsored. They all only have one agenda: to undermine local cultures, and to export Western pluralism and feminism."

Aanetra T., Angola: "I think the real cultural war is not between Islam and Europe, or between Islam and Christianity, but between women and men, or between feminism and male chauvinism. Let's face it: Most men are just sex-crazed monkeys. All men can think of is how they can rape women without getting reported to the police. In most marriages, rape happens almost every day. This has to be stopped. We need more foundations for women where raped wives can find legal and financial support."

Marcene H., Mississippi: "The principle of feminism is that we fight for a society in which we don't need men. So we are for women in the government, the military, the police, and in all branches of the economy. Because only when we can stand on our own feed, we do not have to let men lay with our bodies. Our bodies belong to us, not to men!!!"

Alfie U., Netherlands: "It's either feminism or Islam. There cannot be a compromise. It's a fight to the death."

Jacqueline B., Germany: "Women overall are losers in feminism. Women have an emotional need for a male partner who is their life-long protector. By making women independent from and equal to men, feminism undermines the logic for such relationships that fulfill the emotional needs of women. Feminism makes men playboys because anyway, their responsibility is not needed."

Annemie C., Nevada: "Feminism is the ideology of the sexual repression of men. The social and sexual order of Islam liberates men."

Hjalmar P., Russia: "Female sexuality is just an invention of the male-oriented media. The truth is that women by and large do not like sex. This is why feminism is characterizing 99 percent of all sexual relationships as sexual slavery."

Rhinebeck P., Ukraine: "Actually the cultural war is no so much between the West and Islam, but between feminism and a social and sexual order that is adequate for men. Many Western men sympathize with Islam, but feminists rule public opinion in Europe."

Bashirah R., Bagan: "True feminism is committed to the truth, and the truth is that women don't like sex. This whole sex thing just comes from the dirty phantasies of men. And often, these phantasies are not just dirty, they are outright criminal. But fortunately, there is a preventive medical treatment, radical hormonal reduction surgery. The removal of the testes of men with too much sex on their mind will relieve them of this burden and go a long way to protect women and children."


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