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Bryndis R., Mosul: "The CIA has a long history of toppling governments with minimal effort, just by inciting local unrest by using money to brainwash locals against their governments. They did this before in Iran. They are trying it again. Those on the streets in Teheran against the Islamic government is all the mental offspring of the CIA."

Claire R., England: "American and Israeli defense contractors have now developed effective mind-scanning machines. It works like this. First they show a picture, for example of a radical Islamic cleric. Brain scanners can determine whether a person recognizes the image or not. If he does, he is a suspect. The same could be done with potential sexual offenders. Show them a series of pictures of sexual perversions. Then the brain scanner can detect whether a person is sexually attracted or not. If yes, they can be put into life-long preventive detention. By the way, the Victorian British police used a pre-runner of the modern systems. They would show suspected homosexuals pictures of naked men, and when the suspects showed an erection, they could be locked up in detention camps."

Abdul Azim, Jakarta: "There is much debate going on in Indonesia about nikah siri (marriages not registered with the government). The prophet of Islam (peace upon him) never required marriages to be registered with governments. But he strictly required marriages be publicly known, not secret. Secret marriages, or secret sexual relationships, are a pest indeed."

Maitreyi G., Dhaka: "Indonesia is a Muslim country. But more than 95 percent of the Muslim girls have sex before marriage (except the really ugly ones). Before, parents had a say on who could marry their daughter. Now it's up to the government (and Western-inspired NGOs). What kind of Islam do they have here, ha-ha?"

Ryan H., Laos: "In earlier centuries, there were many Christians who were willing to lose their lives to uphold their religion. Such cases are now rare apart from that of a German priest who set himself on fire to protest the Islamisation of Europe (just as Buddhist monks did in Vietnam). By and large, nowadays only Muslims are willing to die for their religion."

Brishen I., Laos: "There is now a strong movement in Indonesia that tries to reform the Holy Quran. The movement calls itself liberal Islam and has members who studied theology (religion) in Western countries. They also have a strong presence in the Indonesian Department of Religion (Departemen Agama). Basically, what these liberal members of Islam say is that the Holy Quran was appropriate for the time when the Prophet was alive, because many men were killed in wars. But the Holy Quran, so they say, doesn't apply in the same way today. But do they really believe that Allah wrote a book that becomes outdated? Are they still Muslims or already Christians? After all, Christians always change the contents of the Bible to make it according to the current fashion of thought."

Osmawani K., Malacca: "Nowadays, young people who are bored with their lives just join street gangs and become criminals. But sooner or later they will be caught, and then it's life behind bars, which is even shittier than current society. Better to join a politically motivated movement, either neo-Nazi or anti-globalization or Islamist, or minority nationalist. It's more fun, and later there is either a new society, or an amnesty."

J van Ruysdael, Rotterdam: "In the 1980s, there was leftist terror, and nobody imagined that there would follow Islamist terror. People will also be surprised when the next wave of terror is simply anti- modernist. The world was a better place long ago, and a new crop of terrorists will simply want many of the old structures returned and current wealth destroyed."

W. Ruttmann, Cologne: Most people have the wrong idea about Islamist terrorists. These people are not primarily religiously, but culturally motivated. They fight against their native culture being erased by Western capitalist, competition-driven, and feminist agendas. So, actually, Islamists and anti-globalization activists fight for the same values: to preserve cultures in other countries that are different from America. Therefore, the US military and their ideological cohorts in NGOs and humanitarian organizations should be pulled out or driven home."

Paul S., Denver: "I think that in the Islamic world, the US is facing a credibility problem because nobody is willing to die for our cultural ideal as they have been expressed by our president. I mean, so many young Pakistanis and Arabs are willing to give their lives for Islam. If there is just one American young man willing to go on a suicide mission to the Taliban, then we would no longer be regarded as all cowards. I mean, a real American, not an immigrant. Just to prove that white men also have the ultimate courage, and are not all cowards, and that there is somebody willing to die for the ideas of Obama, not just for those of Osama."

John R, Liverpool: "Who says that Islamic terrorism isn't effective? In fact it is very effective because Europeans and Americans are such cowards. It is not vital for Americans and Europeans that there are girl schools in Afghanistan, and that woman in Syria can vote. So, if there are enough dead from terror attacks, those members of the European and American public will gain the upper hand who plead to let Muslims handle their own matters.. The Islamic terrorists don't have logical arguments for the appeasement camp. They will find their own good reasons because anyway, they are so afraid to die."

Kennard E., Berlin: "Why do young Arabic and Pakistani men in Europe become terrorists who blow themselves up in public places? Because the public in France and England treats them like shit. For example, these young men can never get a local girl. So they dream of an Islamic conquest of Europe, and then they can have European girls as slaves, which anyway are allowed in traditional Islam. And for this, they are willing to fight."

Annaliese P., Austria: "This is why democracy is so important. In a democracy, women can continue the feminist struggle. In a dictatorship or in Islam, women always must do the sexual satisfaction of men. Then we are like sex slaves. Because that is what men want in military dictatorship is Islam."

Sabeen U., Multan: "I comparison to Arabic terrorism, the Islamic independence movement is much better assimilated to today's world of satellite spying, cell phone interception, and US drones firing rockets. The Islam population wants the Thai occupation out, so they burn down schools, and kill teachers and people of Thai NGOs. But there is never an organization claiming responsibility or coming up with political demands, so there is almost no media coverage. They think that silently, they work more effectively."

Vail A., Colorado: "In Islam, political leaders can have many wives and good sex all the time. In America, if a political leader just makes sweet conversation with a young woman, or if he considers another wife, his political career is finished. Smart men do not want to become politicians in America. So, all you have in the federal government are feminists and men controlled by feminists."

Simone F., Guinea: "Islam is the religion of sexual liberation of men. Just read what the holy Quran promises martyrs. All their sexual fantasies will become true eternally. This is the reward for those who are willing to die for God."

Marjorie S., Syria: "Why the phenomenal growth of Islam in recent years? Because Islam defends men against the sexual repression by feminist politics. A man who does not join Islam is a fool."

Christabel S., Luxembourg: "In Islam, children belong to their parents, and the parents can decide for the children what is good for them. Including whom they marry, especially the daughters. In America and communism like that of the Khmer Rouge, the children belong to the government. And when the children run away and the daughters become prostitutes, the parents can do nothing."

Schmitz C., Sydney: "Western feminists and their local helpers in Third World countries are the greatest disruptors of peace. Even the fact that America wages war against small Muslim countries is the work of Western feminists. Most men in America and Europe find nothing wrong with Islam. Only feminists hate our religion."

Hussein K., Baghdad: "Of course Arabia can rule the world. Arabia and Islam has the most courageous warriors. Mecca can be the world capital."

Odette G., Pakistan: "I think there is a natural inclination found among all anti-American forces anywhere in the world to unite in one great coalition: Islamists who want to recreate a caliphate, military rulers in Myanmar and central Africa, old-style communists, radical environmentalists, anti-globalization activists, nationalists anywhere in the world, and even anti-federalists in the United States. The enemies of my enemy are my colleagues, whatever their beliefs. That is why Chavez of Venezuela makes friends with Ahmadinejad of Iran, and why Kim Jong-Il may well deliver arms to Osama bin Laden. Even the Russian mafia and Colombian drug barons are welcome. And not to forget the Mormons and other prosecuted religious sects within the US. The consensus is simply: let's get rid of the US and their NGOs first, and then we will see. First things first."

Barkley L., Madaba: "As an American, I think it was a big mistake that the American military, especially the CIA, started water-boarding everybody. I mean, America is a high-tech country. The CIA and the army have scientific books written with medical assistance, on how to torture prisoners, but always stop just before the prisoner is drowned, so they could start again with the same game. But when the Islamists capture American tourists and do the same, they will not be so sophisticated. So the tourists may actually be water-boarded to death. I think the safest destination for American tourists is to go to Arkansas, definitely not to Asia or Africa."

Hovannes D., Kroatia: "Many European men wrongly feel that Islam is their enemy. But Islam fights to defend the only possible social order where every man can have a regular sex life, and where every woman can be sure that a sexual partnership is for life, and her emotional needs are satisfied. The common enemy of Islamists and ordinary European men are female gender Nazis who simply want a world ruled by women, with men customarily held at ransom because they have a stronger sex drive than women."

Aamir Y., Kuwait: "The strategy centers of the West's attack on Islam are the Departments of Women's Studies at American universities. Just look at the website of the Department of Women's Studies of the UC Riverside:"

Lincoln K., Florida: "Just look at their header and their agenda. They hate all Muslim men wherever they are. For them it's war on Islam. But they are typical American cowards. Just like the CIA lets local allies do the dirty work, these American Islam hating women can only entice Muslim women to rebel against their husbands and fathers. Via the Internet. But they are afraid to come to Kuwait. Such cowards."

Madeleine V., Switzerland: "Sooner or later, America will shut down the Internet in much of the Islamic world. This will happen because anti-American hate will diffuse much wider than it did in the past few years. Before the Internet, the CIA could easily locate preachers of jihad and teachers of explosives. Now everybody can publish his tirades, and manuals for suicide attacks appear on the Internet with no clear author who could be sent to Guantanamo."

Adoerte C., Lincoln: "Many governments of African countries are not aware of this, but Western NGOs and aide organizations are among the most efficient colonialists. They come after calamities when dollars are needed, but they spend most time talking to locals and telling them how good life is in the West. This naturally estranges people from their cultural roots and creates discontent with the own government. A government of an independent people with its own culture should never let Western aide organizations into the country. Chinese aide agencies, or Islamic aide agencies would be ok. But no Western organizations and especially no female NGO members, as they have an agenda to destruct families by making local women discontent with their situation."

Alardijne P., Netherlands: "Many men just hate women and feminists. That is the reason why so many European men now convert to Islam. Because they are against the hard won progress, feminists have made."

Christopher R., Nevada: "The Women Studies faculties at American universities re an important factor in Islamist terrorism. They want to liberate the wives and daughters of Muslim men. Now that is where matters get really personal. As long as America only messes with Muslim governments, ordinary Muslims don't care much. But when American feminists start tellin Muslim wives and daughters to rebel against their husbands and fathers to assert their right for free sex, Muslim men think of revenge. And that means terror against America."

Herbert K., Muscat: "In a terrorist explosion, the best death is enjoyed by the person who explodes the device. Guaranteed quick, guaranteed no pain or suffering. And after that, a status as an Islamist hero."

Katarzyna G., Albany: "It's so funny that non-Muslimas girls and women think that in Islam, every man can have four wives. How is that supposed to work? There would have to be 400 females in the world for every 100 males. In Islam, only the best men can have more than one wife, but almost all men just have one sexual partner all life long."

Jovianne V., Colorado: "The truth is that all women, especially in Europe and America, have a very good reason to become Muslimas, and to support an Islamist social order because more than any other social order does Islam guarantee that there is no adultery. In Islam, sex is only allowed with one's spouse. There are no sexual adventures outside marriage."

Akeem Y., Dukhan: "I assume that most Islamists do not know who their real enemies are. Not primarily Western men. Many Western men already feel that the Western social and sexual order is wrong, and they would easily convert to Islam when given the opportunity. The core of the Western hatred of Islam are the Departments of Women's Studies at US universities. That is where emotionally weak girls get indoctrinated by adult women who have been disappointed by one or two men, and then became man-haters. These girls then join organizations like UNICEF, not to help children but in order to have an opportunity to entice local girls to become admirers of Western values, and thus to destroy their own country's culture. I think any Arabic state should be weary of Western women arriving for aide work or even just as tourists. Their real intention all so often is just war on Islam."

Archibald G., Scotland: "This is why the Islamists hate Europe so much. Because Europe is run by feminists. Feminists want to destroy the Islamic social and sexual order. For example young Muslim men never can get girls in the UK. So they become suicide bombers. Because then, in paradise, they can have many wives, and they are virgins every day."

Aescford O., Denmark: "In comparison to the ideas of feminists who ever extend the range of male sexual repression, Islam is much closer to a sensible sexual order. In Islam, every man has his wife, and successful men can have many wives. Age discrimination is prohibited. Young men can have older wives, and old men can have younger wives. Islam implements sexual freedom for men and social security for women."

Annemie C., Nevada: "Feminism is the ideology of the sexual repression of men. The social and sexual order of Islam liberates men."

Mcconnell G., Paris: "Actually, feminism and radical Islam are not incompatible. There is substantial common ground. For example, both feminism and radical Islam agree that too much sexual conduct is not the biological nature of women. While feminism defines most sex as against the true emotional will of women, Islam actually prohibits men from having sex indifferently. In both cases, the control and punishment of male sexuality is at the core of logical reasoning. So, true feminists have good reason to embrace Islam."

Cristobal L., Peshawar: "Actually the cultural war is no so much between the West and Islam, but between feminism and a social and sexual order that is adequate for men. Many Western men sympathize with Islam, but feminists rule public opinion in Europe."

Robert D., Bukhara: "Turkey now is a country with no identity and no pride. Just imagine: modern Turkey was founded by a man who was anti-religious. Because he could not prohibit Islam outright, he prohibited it from the edges. No Muslim call to prayer in Turkey, ha-ha. No Muslim attire. So all the men just wear British golf caps; ha-ha. It's just ridiculous."

Ghaith C., Bhutan: "If young Muslim men in Europe cannot have girlfriends, it's because of feminists. Feminists always teach girls that Islam is bad. So the girls don't want Muslim boys."

Zofia J., Poland: "The current cultural war is not really between the west and the east. It is between feminists and Islam. Western feminists started it with their agenda of liberating women in Islam. Basically feminists want a revolution of all women in Islamic countries against their men and their religion. And they start by brainwashing young girls. That is why they always demand girl schools."

Farid F., Algiers: "Why do so many young Muslim men in Europe now become terrorists and suicide bombers. It is primarily because of the feminists. Feminists hate Islam. They brainwash young European women so they never want to marry a man from a Muslim country. And they brainwash Muslim girls, so the Muslim girls only want sex with white men. So Muslim men never can have sex. So they become martyrs for Islam. Then, in paradise they can have as much sex as they want. That's the deal."

Darin V., Italy: "The real problem is that Western feminists treat Muslim men like shit. And they infiltrate other countries via foundation for women and children. But what feminists really plan is the destruction of Islam."

Gilberto C., Las Palmas: "UNICEF has long become a tool of American feminists to attack Islam and other non-American cultures around the world. It works like this. During phase 1, they get some radical feminist resolutions pushed through at some committee nobody pays serious attention to. During phase 2, they get them signed and ratified by countries where these resolutions are hardly read. Anyway, the general attitude has been: who cares about UN resolutions. But then, in phase 3, these resolutions are used by UNICEF and other feminist NGOs to infiltrate the legal systems of other countries."

Nahla L., Bahrain: "The Second World War was about freeing jews from the holocaust. The Third World War will be about freeing women and children from Islam. And America will win again. All women in Islam should greet America as their salvation."

Zaidin C., Bhutan: "America has shitted and pissed on Islamic countries, and American soldiers have fucked Muslim girls, so now, so many young Muslim men are willing to die, if only they can hurt America (and become instant heroes). What else can America expect."

Itzel P., Mandalay: "I think Islam is beyond reform. Like Churchill once said, of these countries do not give a blanket authority to UNICEF to protect Arabic women and female children, then the only other option is carpet bombing."

Charles P., Germany: "The essence of leftist (socialist, communist, feminist) politics is: men and women are the same, and sex is strict monogamy. The essence of Islam is: men and women are not the same, and successful men can have many wives. Any successful man is a fool if he does not embrace Islam. Conversion takes 10 minutes. No prior training needed."

Samuel P., Singapore: "Marriage registration with governments is a feminist plot to restrict the sexual biology of men. It is the natural biological inclination of men to have many wives, and as long as this is consensual, governments have no business interfering with this. Islam is a natural religion. There is nothing in Islam that requires marriages to be registered with governments. They just ought to be open, not secret."


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