Only pleasure

If, or as, there is no purpose in life outside of each individual life, pleasure, or the pursuit of happiness, is the only value that remains. When talking about pleasure, I do not mean the kind of shallow consumer entertainment the likes of Walt Disney specialize in. This is not about killing time on a Sunday afternoon. This is about pleasure in its metaphysical dimension.

Among metaphysical pleasures, those sexual clearly rank first.

If we are attractive, or young and attractive, or, even better, young, attractive, and rich, and therefore, our sexual market value is high, we can choose, as males, to become playboys, or as females, to just live it up with a queue of lovers.

If, as men, we hale from a comparatively rich Western society, even if we are not rich by the standards of our traditional environment, we can still have a high sexual market value if we move to a Third World country. An alpha male doesn't have to be good. He only has to be considerably better than the local average.


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