Travel Information / Immigration Regulations

Myanmar is one of the countries most difficult to travel in Southeast Asia, also considering the manifold regulations which have to be observed. There are, for instance, complicated regulations concerning financial transactions (see currency), many parts of the country are restricted from travel due to rebel activities.

All travellers to Myanmar are required to have a visa. In order to attract more foreign currency into the country by tourism the validity of the visa has in the meantime been extended to 28 days for decades only twoweek visa had been available. A Burmese embassy only issues a visa, if you can provide proof, that you have booked at least a few days accommodation in advance from abroad.

As the Burmese principally prefer tourists to book "complete travel arrangements" from abroad, visa seem to be easier and faster to obtain by a tour agent than by independent travellers.

One of the most important international travel agents for Myanmar has for decades been in Bangkok.

1. Name of the applicant according to the passport.
2. Number and validitydate of the passport.
3. Date and place of birth.
4. Nationality and profession.
The Burmese embassy requires the applicant's passport for one working day in order to stamp the visa.

You don't need a vaccination certification for a Myanmar visa.

Visas for a stay exceeding 28 days are extremely difficult to obtain. They require a sound reason, like for instance participation in religious or language seminars.

Offers Myanmar arrangements from 3 to 15 days duration. Most travel agent arrangements start with a flight to Yangon (Rangoon), the Burmese capital. For those, who have not booked a "complete arrangement" by a travel agent, there is no other alternative to enter Yanong, either way.

Beyond that, also offers arrangements from North Thailand into northern regions of Myanmar even a threeday cross country tour by fourwheel drive vehicles from North Thailand to the northern Burmese provincial capital Ken Tung.