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Malaysia / Selangor / The State

Map of Selangor State
Photo: Map of Selangor

The state of Selangor is on the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and covers 8,000 square kilometres. Its capital, Shah Alam, is situated between Kuala Lumpur and Port Klang, the country's largest port. Hailed as one of Asia's best planned cities, Shah Alam boasts of modern infrastructure, communications and service facilities.

Resource-rich Selangor is Malaysia's premier state, being the richest and the most developed. Its economy is diversified with a good mixture of agricultural, industrial, commercial and tourism activities.

Though rubber, palm-oil and tin mining are the mainstay of the economy, the development of its port, Port Klang, and the rapidly expanding industrial areas are increasingly contributing towards the prosperity of the state, making Selangor an attractive state for both foreign and domestic investment.

Tourism is also beginning to have a major impact on the economy, and Selangor is in the process of developing its many attractions, both natural and man-made.

Selangor is also the most populated in Malaysia and is home to about 2.74 million Malaysians.

Temperatures range from 21ºC to 32ºC. Average annual rainfall varies from 2,000 mm - 2,500 mm and humidity is high all year around.


Malaysia / Selangor / Shah Alam

Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah State Mosque
Photo: Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah State Mosque

Shah Alam, the capital of Selangor, is located about 30 km west of Kuala Lumpur. Its skyline is dominated by the huge, blue aluminum dome of the State Mosque, i.e., Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah. This dome is reputed to be the largest of its kind in the world.

The state capital can also boast of having the world's only agro-forestry park, the Malaysia Agriculture Park at Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam. Shah Alam offers a beautifully landscaped recreational park that compliments the surrounding lakes and buildings.

The Shah Alam Museum, with its exciting architecture is worth a visit. An aviary is open to the public.


Malaysia / Selangor / Klang

The Istana Alam Shah
Photo: The Istana Alam Shah

Though overshadow by Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya, the royal town of Klang can nevertheless bask in the glory of its past, when it played as significant role in the history of Selangor's development. It was the former capital of Selangor, and from its strategic position overlooking the Klang river, it guarded at the entrance of the Klang Valley.

Form Port Klang, you can take a ferry to Pulau Lumut and Pulau Ketam (Crab Island). These islands have interesting water villages built on stilts into the sea. You can have a fishing experience on a kelong, a fish hut located 2 to 3 kilometres offshore.

Among the other distinguished royal landmarks in Klang is the Kota Raja Mahdi, the fort which was built in 1886 by Raja Mahdi, the ruler of Selangor during the civil war. Another prominent landmark is the pride of Klang, the jewel in the crown, the resplendent Istana Alam Shah Palace which has witnessed many official royal ceremonies even up till today.


Malaysia/ Selangor / Petaling Jaya

Originally built as a satellite town and suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, or P.J. as it is commonly called, has grown into a mature, self-contained town, with modern shopping centres, hospitals, schools, cinemas, and recreation parks.

Although primarily a residential area, it is rapidly evolving into a major commercial and industrial centre.


Malaysia / Selangor / Batu Caves

Batu Caves
Photo: The cave interior of one of Batu's Caves

First discovered over 100 years ago, the Batu Caves have never ceased to attract visitors. Only 13 km north of Kuala Lumpur, they consist of three main caves and a number of smaller ones.

The best known of these caves is the Temple Cave, a large cavern with a vaulted ceiling about 100 metres above the floor. To reach it one has to climb 272 steps, a feat performed by many Hindus on the way to the caves to offer prayers to their revered deities. Every year, on Thaipusam, as many as 800,000 devotees and other visitors may throng the caves. As a form of penance or sacrifice, many of them carry kavadis. These are large, brightly decorated frameworks, usually combined with various metal hooks and skewers which are used to pierce the skin, cheeks and tongue.

A little below the Temple Cave is the Dark Cave, a two-kilometre long network of relatively untouched caverns containing a large number of cave animals, including several found nowhere else in the world! Access to this cave is restricted and permission and guidelines must be obtained from the Malaysian Nature Society.

At the foot of the steps is the art Gallery Cave, in which are displayed statues and wall paintings depicting Hindu mythology. Access is via a concrete walkway spanning a small lake and nominal entrance fee is charged.

Local buses to Batu Caves can be boarded at the Pudu Raya Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur.


Malaysia / Selangor / Zoo Negara and Tunku Abdul Rahman Aquarium

Situated 13 km from the centre of Kuala Lumpur, the National Zoo and Tunku Abdul Rahman Aquarium is a very popular attraction. It has very large grounds, with facilities suitable for picnics, and approximately 400 species of Malaysian and exotic, mammals, birds and reptiles. A reptile house and a large primate display has just opened. There are a number a educational displays and camel, elephant and trolley train rides are available.

The Tunku Abdul Rahman Aquarium displays over 80 species of aquatic animals, both marine and freshwater, including invertebrates.


Malaysia / Selangor / Taman Pertanian Malaysia

The Taman Pertanian Malaysia or Malaysia Agriculture Park is the only agro-forestry park in this part of the world. It was initiated by the Agriculture Ministry of Malaysia in 1986.

The park is designed in such a way that it gives visitors a total experience of its natural attributes, scientific facilities and agricultural presentations. All these are set within a luscious tropical rain forest in a scenic 1,290-hectare site in Shah Alam, Selangor. Its planners have in mind an open-air 'university' for the dual purpose of recreation and education. Here's a place to learn all about trees by their names!

As one of Malaysia's most popular parks, it has permanent displays, live demonstrations, cultural exhibits, recreational facilities, accommodation, picnic areas, open-air amphitheaters, natural trails, public amenities and numerous educational opportunities.


Malaysia / Selangor / Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon
Photo: The Sunway Lagoon Park

Welcome to Malaysia's Premier Theme Park - Sunway Lagoon! Located just outside Kuala Lumpur in Petaling Jaya, Sunway Lagoon truly lives up to its star billing as the nation's premier theme park.

Just check out these thrilling and exciting adventures at the Waterpark and Fort Lagoon, Wild, Wild West:-

  • Wave Pool
  • Giant Waterfall
  • Twin-speed Slides
  • Double Twister
  • Tube Ride
  • Giant Waterslides
  • 45-degree Water Sleigh Toboggan
  • Children's Pool
  • Adult Activity Pool
  • Surf-wave Pool
  • Amusement Arcade
  • Runaway Train
  • Flying Carpet
  • Pedestrian Suspension Bridge
  • Galleon
  • Wagon Wheel
  • Apache Pot
  • Sky Flyer
  • More, More & More!

    Come on over and discover the magic of a land beyond your wildest imagination. You'll cherish every moment here!


    Malaysia / Selangor / Kuala Selangor

    The Kuala Selangor Lighthouse
    Photo: The Kuala Selangor Lighthouse

    Even before Klang became the capital of Selangor, Kuala Selangor was the home of the Selangor Sultanate. Two fortresses were built on the hills overlooking the estuary of the Selangor river in order to guard the city. The larger of the two, standing on Bukit Melawati, is now the royal mausoleum containing the remains of Selangor's early Bugis rulers.

    Bukit Melawati overlooks the Kuala Selangor Nature Park, which is being jointly developed by the State Government and Malaysian Nature Society. It consist of more than 250 hectares of coastal land, most of it mangrove swamps, and contains about 156 species of birds. An estimated 100,000 wading birds, comprising 30 odd species, pass through here on their annual migration. Artificial lakes have been created to attract some of these birds and observation hides have been built to allow visitors to watch the birds without disturbing them. Leaf monkeys can also be seen in the mangroves. A visitors' Centre with information and educational displays is located on Bukit Melawati, and a path leads from there to the park.

    Kuala Selangor can be reached by buses from Klang and from the Pudu Raya bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur.


    Malaysia / Selangor / Taman Alam

    This 800-acre park, located in Kuala Selangor is a haven for a wide variety of flora and fauna. If you are lucky, you will be able to spot wild animals in their natural surroundings, such as mammals like the smooth otter, leopard cat, silver-leafed monkey and macaques, some 99 species of local birds, 57 migratory birds of which 26 are waders.

    There are also about 15 species of crabs, a variety of butterflies, insects, reptiles, molluscs and fish, and not to forget mud skippers, mud lobster and king crabs.

    Taman Alam provides facilities such as parking lots, visitors' centre, chalets and rest areas. The park has six nature trails. Do not forget to bring along your binoculars and camera with zoom-lens to view water birds from 2 birds hides overlooking the brackish lake system.

    Other points of interest are the watch towers, the mouth of the Selangor River, the secondary forest, mangrove forest, the board walk and mud flats.


    Malaysia / Selangor / Waterfalls

    Waterfalls in Selangor
    Photo: Waterfalls in Selangor

    Experience the excitement of travelling along winding roads and trekking along jungle paths to the various waterfalls in Hulu Selangor, the northernmost district in Selangor, within an hour's reach from Kuala Lumpur.

    You choices include the Sungai Serendah Waterfalls, Sungai Gabai Waterfalls, Sungai Sendat Waterfalls and Kerling Hot Spring and Waterfalls.

    In the easternmost district in Selangor, Hulu Langat, offers Taman Rimba Ampang, Sungai Tekala Recreation Park, Batangsi, Waterfalls, Semenyih Dam and Pansoon Dam.