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Malaysia / Pahang / The State

Map of Pahang State Photo: Map of Pahang

Located in the East Coast region of Peninsular Malaysia, Pahang is the peninsula's largest state.

Spanning north to south of the state, forming a natural divider between east and west Pahang is a formidable mountain range wherein lies Peninsular Malaysia's highest peak, Gunung Tahan, the inspiration of many a mountaineer in this part of the world. Pahang's climate is characteristic of the tropics - hot and humid all the year round with distinct wet and dry season coincides with wet seasons from the South China Sea. Kuantan, the state capital, is not only fast developing as a commercial town but is also a popular seaside resort. Pekan, the royal town is situated 45km south of Kuantan.

Pahang is rich in natural resources. About two thirds of the state is covered by rich tropical forest. Palm oil, rubber and cocoa are cultivated extensively in large and development schemes. Manufacturing has also provided additional income to the state. A state richly blessed with many attractions to offer, Pahang is also set to become one of the leading tourist destinations in the country.

Pahang has a comprehensive taxi and bus service to take you around town as well as to other interesting sightseeing spots within the vicinity.

There is also an efficient transport system for interstate travel from Pahang to other states in the country and inter-district travel from one district to another in Pahang.

Eating out in Pahang offers experiences as satisfying as what one experience in Kuala Lumpur and the rest of the country. Pahang's multi-cultural people readily whip up a varied menu requiring various methods of food preparation.

For those who are more sports minded will find Pahang to their liking. International wind surfing competitions are held biannually (normally at the beginning and at the end of the year), excellent golf courses are available. While polo enthusiasts can also pursue their interest. Indeed, Pahang is rapidly becoming a centre for sporting events.

A wide variety of choices of accommodation are available: beach and hill resorts, bungalows and hotels, ranging from the internationally administered chains to the moderately-prices local establishments. Most hotels have centralised air-conditioning, well-equipped convention and conference halls, coffee houses, restaurants, cocktails lounges, discos, health centres with sauna and good telecommunication facilities.


Malaysia / Pahang / Attractions / Kuantan

Photo: The town of Kuantan

Kuantan, the capital of Pahang is your entry point to a fascinating tropical holiday.

Strongly characterised as a colourful town, some of the long stretches or unspoilt sandy beaches are located close to the town.

And that's not all, a whole spectrum of nature's glories, curious traditions and rich cultural heritage exists within a short distance of the town.


Malaysia / Pahang / Teluk Chempedak

This delightful beach is only 5km from the town of Kuantan. Two world class hotels - the Hyatt Kuantan and the Merlin Inn Resort is located here. Teluk Chempedak is an excellent beach for water sports activities like sailing, surfing, skiing and sunbathing. A short jungle trek through the Teluk Chempedak Forest Reserve is idyllic Pelindung Beach.


Malaysia/ Pahang / Beserah

Water buffalo
Photo: The water buffalo is the fisherman's means of transport.

Beserah is a fishing village and is well-known for salted fish. But what many people do no know is a very unique practise of the Beserah fisherman: they employ water buffaloes (which are not normally seen on the beach for they are always used to plough paddy fields or to pull heavy carts), to transport fish from the boats to the processing area.

It is situated 10 km from Kuantan, it also boasts a batik factory, many cottage handicraft workshops producing items made mostly of sea shells and plant materials (dried nuts, leaves).


Malaysia/ Pahang / Cherating

Photo: Cherating Beach

To many, Cherating is synonymous with Club Med since Asia's first Club Med is located here. The resort is a low-rise development with extensive landscaping. It has one of the finest beaches in the East Coast.

Situated only 47 km from Kuantan, it is unique feature is the rustic atmosphere and the warm hospitality of the village folk. Cherating also offers you the chance to shop for handicraft and see cultural performances.

Village maidens nimbly weave the pandanus leaves into mats, hats, bags and other inexpensive lightweight souvenirs.

Cultural shows include wayang kulit (shadow play) and silat (Malay art of self-defence).


Malaysia/ Pahang / Sungai Pandan Waterfalls

Sungai Pandan Waterfalls
Photo: Sungai Pandan Waterfalls

The Sungai Pandan Waterfalls which spans 11 hectares is 25 km from Kuantan. It is easily accessible by main road and a 5-mile stretch of paved road. The falls is a popular holiday spot consisting cascading rapids from which the water collects at a pool below, where swimming is possible.


Malaysia / Pahang / Pekan

The Royal Palace
Photo: The Royal Palace

While Kuantan is the administrative capital of the state of Pahang, Pekan is the royal capital. Places of interest include the Royal Palace, State Museum and Silk Weaving Centre.

The Ruler of Pahang, His Royal Highness the Sultan, resides at the magnificent palace in Pekan. A stopover to view this authentically fascinating Malay Palace is worth your trip to Pahang. If you happen to be there during the Ruler's official birthday on 24th of October, you will be able to witness the annual celebration of culture and tradition.


Malaysia / Pahang / The State Museum

The State Museum
Photo: The State Museum

A tour of the town will not be complete without a visit to the State Museum which houses a rich collection of historical items such as the recently recovered treasures from a wrecked Chinese junk in the South China Sea.

It is also has a large quantity of glass ware and ceramics from ancient China. The history of Pahang, especially that of its ancient king is well-documented in this museum.


Malaysia/ Pahang / Lake Chini

Located in the wilds, Lake Chini is approximately 100 km from Kuantan. The lake, with its well-known myths, has attracted tourists from far and near. Legend has it that an ancient Khmer city once existed and the interest in this legend has since resulted in several scientific expeditions being mounted by archeologist, both local and foreign. It is also popularly believed that a mythical monster lurks in the deep waters and guards the lake.

Lake Chini has a number of wooden chalets and restaurants to cater for overnight visitors. There are also a number of camping spots if you plan to rough it out. Jungle gear and camping equipment are recommended.

Access to the lake is by road to Kampung Belimbing, about 100 km, south west Kuantan and then on by boat through the winding Chini river or one can go by road via Segamat Highway through the new town of Chini, and then for about 15 minutes through oil palm estate roads to the lake.


Malaysia/ Pahang / Pulao Tioman

Pulao Tioman Beach
Photo: Pulao Tioman Beach

Tioman is the largest of group of 64 volcanic islands, dottering the South China Sea. Tioman is magnificent island in the sun, with good reefs for diving and crystal-clear water for swimming. Legends has it that Pulau Tioman is the resting ground of a beautiful dragon princess who, whilst flying from China to her beloved in Singapore, sought solace in the crystal-clear waters of the South China Sea. Pleased with the island's charms, she discontinued her journey, forsaking her happiness to give pleasure and comfort to passing travellers by turning herself into an island.

Pulau Tioman is accessible by boat from Mersing of Tanjung Gemuk jetty which takes about 3 to 4 hours. Or one can also take a plane from either Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Kuantan.

Accommodation comes in the form of delightful wooden chalets on the beach or in luxurious hotel rooms at the Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort. Whichever the choice, comfort and hospitality is assured.


Malaysia/ Pahang / Taman Negara

Photo: Hikers at Taman Negara

Taman Negara or National Park is one of the oldest tropical rain forests in the world. It is partly located in Pahang's tropical rain forest and is home to countless species of flora and fauna. It is the embodiment of nature's conservation at its best. Jungle tracks and camping sites are made in such a way so as not to spoil the natural scheme of things, and intended simply for closer observations of the wildlife in their natural habitat. Mountaineering enthusiasts will find the 2187m Gunung Tahan another challenging feat to conquer.

If you are interested to attempt a climb, make sure to get an experienced guide. The journey must be done in two stages due to the scarcity of water. It takes at least three days to journey from foot of the mountain to the summit and back.

There are numerous streams a small waterfalls which are always good for a dip. If you love fishing, the many rivers in Taman Negara provide pleasant spots especially near Lata Berkoh and Sungai Kenyam. Rapid water boating up the river is a thrilling experience.

The Taman Negara adventure begins at a very start of the journey into the park at Kuala Tembeling which you can reach from Jerantut which approximately a 3 to 4 -hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. There are regular bus and taxi services from Jerantut to Kuala Tembeling and from then on it is the boat ride to Kuala Tahan, the Park's administration station.


Malaysia/ Pahang / Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands
Photo: Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands, the most developed of Malaysia's hill resorts is popular with local and foreign visitors alike. The resort offers accommodation to suit every budget and taste. The cool mountain weather and lush greenery makes for an ideal escapade away from the heat, hustle and bustle of the city.

There are numerous activities that one can indulge in: dining at the Genting Theater Restaurant, featuring shows by international stars, boating and the thrilling rides at the amusement park. Do not miss the "Virtual Reality" an exciting and unique game. Punters can try their luck at the world class Casino De Genting. The Awana Golf and Country Resort, a luxury condotel, provides first class facilities, 18-hole golf course, horse riding at the Awana ranch and jungle trekking.

Genting Highlands is accessible by well-maintained road and is only an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur. Alternatively, visitors can soar above the clouds on cable cars from Awana to the summit and enjoy a panoramic view of the highland scenery en-route.


Malaysia/ Pahang / Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands
Photo: Tea Plantations in the Cameron Highlands

This is Malaysia's green bowl supplying vegetable to the major cities of the country and to Singapore. The cool climate makes it an excellent tea growing area, indeed the Cameronian tea is highly priced in the world market. Places of interest are the Robinson waterfalls, the Rose Garden nurseries, the vegetable farms and the tea plantations. There is also an 18-hole golf course. The small town Tapah at the foot of the hill is the gateway to the resort which can be reached by bus, taxi or train from Kuala Lumpur. From Tapah, regular bus and taxi services are available.

Accommodation facilities include old English country inn-styles hotels, chalets and Government resthouses. Special mention must be made of the Ye Olde Smokehouse where everything, outside and inside the building, is preserved as it used to be during the colonial time, except for modern conveniences added for your comfort.


Malaysia/ Pahang / Frasier's Hill

Golf Course, Fraser's Hill
Photo: Golf at Fraser's Hill

Fraser's Hill, 104 km from Kuala Lumpur, can be reached from this capital city either via the Karak Highway turning off towards Bentong/Raub; turning left to Gap before Raub for an exhilarating drive through the narrow and steeply winding road.

Alternatively, one can also take the Northern route (towards Penang) and cutting off at Kuala Kubu Baru for a drive to Gap. At Gap, there is a control gate for one-way traffic to the hill which is open from 6.30 am to 7.00 pm, with up hill traffic reserved for odd hours and down-hill traffic at even hours.

Fraser's Hill provides visitors with the cool mountain air, the abundance of luxuriant vegetation, the peace and tranquillity combined with other attractions such as its stable of ponies, the nursery containing many exotic flowers and a very pleasant 9-hole golf course. For accommodation, Fraser's Hill has a range of hotels, chalets and colonial-bungalows to suit one's preference and budget.