Attractions in Luang Prabang





Brishen I., Laos: "There is now a strong movement in Indonesia that tries to reform the Holy Quran. The movement calls itself liberal Islam and has members who studied theology (religion) in Western countries. They also have a strong presence in the Indonesian Department of Religion (Departemen Agama). Basically, what these liberal members of Islam say is that the Holy Quran was appropriate for the time when the Prophet was alive, because many men were killed in wars. But the Holy Quran, so they say, doesn't apply in the same way today. But do they really believe that Allah wrote a book that becomes outdated? Are they still Muslims or already Christians? After all, Christians always change the contents of the Bible to make it according to the current fashion of thought."

  • The National Museum

  • Mount Phousi

  • Wat Pra Bath Nua

  • Wat Xieng Thong

  • Wat Visoun

  • Wat That Luang