The currency of Laos is the Kip. There are bank notes of 1 Kip, 10 Kips, 20 Kips, 50 Kips, 100 Kips and 500 Kips.


Middle of 1995, the exchange rate for one US Dollar is about 900 Kip.

As the 500 Kip bill is the largest bank note in circulation you will, after exchanging money, find yourself the proud owner of a bag full of money. For only 100 Dollars you get more than 110 500-Kip bills.

The alternative currencies accepted in Vientiane and numerous other provincial towns are Thai Baht and US Dollars. The largest Thai bill, 1,000 Baht, has a value of about 40 US Dollars.

Traveller Cheques can be exchanged in Vientiane at the Banque pour Commerce Exterieur Lao and at the Hotel Lane Xang. At other places you will have difficulties exchanging traveller cheques.

It is recommended to carry US Dollars in small denominations (100's and smaller) as well as Thai Baht. Amounts exceeding 100,000 Baht should be declared on entry to the country.

Kip cannot be reconverted into another currency, even if you have kept all exchange receipts from the banks.

Credit cards are accepted in only a very few places in Vientiane.

Banks are open Monday through Friday (except holidays) 8 am to 12 am and 2 pm to 3 pm.


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