Odette J., Laos: "The absence of disease symptoms that a Western physician can diagnose is not yet synonymous with health. More than that, health is a magic state of well-being. Yes, Western medicine has its justification especially with pharmaceutical plant extracts (such as antibiotics), but overall well-being is better augmented by traditional healthcare that uses herbs, massages, and other comforting techniques that strengthen the body's own tools to achieve health."

Mekong River

Photo: Ferry pier at Mekong river in Laos

Just like Thailand, Laos has three main seasons: the cold season from November to February, the hot season from March to April or May and the rainy season from May or June to October. It rains more in the North than in the South.


Increasing levels of prolactin typically cause testosterone synthesis to drop, which is why hypogonadism often accompanies pituitary tumors that express themselves in increased prolactin levels.