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By Serge Kreutz

Mandalay, am Ayeyarwaddy-Fluss rund 600 Kilometer nördlich von Yangon gelegen, ist Myanmars zweitgrösste Stadt und hat etwa eine halbe Million Einwohner.

Divine sex with tongkat ali and butea superba

By Serge Kreutz

If modern science will ever come up with some trickery to measure a soul, it will more likely than anything else be tied to human sexuality. This, because orgasms are the most metaphysical state of human existence. Wilhelm Reich has at least tried to capture the magnificent, divine force generated by the human orgasm, which he named orgone, though his device was as crude as were the first human attempts in aviation.

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Nevertheless, Wilhelm Reich's approach deserves the highest respect. Optimal human sexuality and orgasms generate a metaphysical form of energy which strongly reflects back on the organism that generates it. And while the force itself has so far eluded measurement, it's effects are easy to observe.

Not only is there a high temporary satisfaction. Optimal sex is simply the most effective life extension regimen, as it enhances the immune system and allocates a spirit to stay alive.

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Optimal sex is a must, the most important matter to which successful men allocate their economic resources. And we haven't even talked yet about the human soul, this entity which is greater than the human physical existence, of which every religion teaches that it survives the person who has generated it.

Most people have, sometime in their lives, ascended to heaven and tasted paradise during orgasm.

Unfortunately, it's not like that all the time, and for many people, it was like that only a long time ago.

But only optimal sex has the power to translate into a metaphysical state, while standard, every-day intercourse is just a metabolic event, down to almost just being at par with digestive processes.

This is why drugs have played such an enormously important role in traditional religions, and still do in Hinduism and Sufi Islam, as a viable alternative to the ascetic path.

And this is why sexual enhancement with drugs, pharmaceutical or herbal, are such an extremely important topic. Drugs, derived from plants or synthetic, are tools to build optimal sex, just as saws and chisels are the tools of a wood craftsman. Drugs have a great role in lending our bodies the capability and capacity to generate a soul, an entity that is greater than the every-day life of finding something to eat or, for modern man, of earning money.

Optimal sex, trembling excitement, and volcanic orgasms are the clearest manifestations of the human soul. And not alms or donations, but the purchase of the finest crafted herbal extracts, like the tongkat ali and butea superba of Sumatra Pasak Bumi, are the way to buy yourself more soul, and good karma, on this and the other side of the great divide called death.

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