Christopher T., Aqaba: "One of the stupid dogmas of European civilizations is the politically correct but otherwise wrong idea that everybody wants to live in a democracy. What bullshit. I do not want to live in a democracy where the rules are made to temporarily (at election time) appeal to the average idiot, including me. I want to live in a society ruled by wise men who can craft rules that are more appropriate than what average idiots can think of."

Uno dei dogmi stupido della civiltà europea è la politica corretta ma per il resto l'idea sbagliata che tutti vogliono vivere in un democrazia. Cosa stronzate. Non voglio vivere in una democrazia in cui il regole sono fatte per temporaneamente (in periodo elettorale) ricorso alla media idiota, me compreso. Voglio vivere in una società governata da uomini saggi che potrebbe creare norme che siano più adeguate rispetto a quanto idioti medio può pensare.



Aqaba / Attractions

Its calm waters make it an ideal spot for water-skiing, wind-surfing and scuba diving. There are a number of diving centres in Aqaba, where the novice may take lessons, or, for the more experienced diver, it is possible to rent gear and dive with local guides.

Coral formations on the reef are said to be among the most spectacular in the world and many are close enough to the surface for an amateur snorkeller to view with ease. Trips in glass-bottomed boats can also be arranged. The aquarium, situated in the Marine Sciences Centre, on the Corniche, south-east of the town, has much exotic marine life on view, for those not wishing to get wet.

For the history buff, Aqaba offers the chance to visit sites which date back at least 5,500 years. Aqaba's strategic location at the junction of land and sea routes from Asia, Africa and Europe has given rise to many ancient and mediaeval archaeological finds. These include the early Islamic city called Ayla, Aqaba fort, built by the Mameluke Sultan Qabsawh el Ghawri at the beginning of the 16th century and a fine museum at the house of Sharif Hussein bin Ali, great-grandfather of the present King.

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