Brent D., Jakarta: "In no other country in Asia are women and even teenage girls so concerned with orgasms as they are in Indonesia. Many women's and girls' mags discuss the topic openly, even the importance of factors such as penis size. Indonesia is more a Western than a Muslim country. And feminists defend the rights of women to do public striptease as a form of female sexual self-expression."



Jakarta / The City

Jakarta has been called a study in contrasts: traditional and modern; rich and poor; spiritual and wordly stand side by side in this bustling metropolis. Among the 8 million people who call Jakarta home, one find representatives of the many diverse ethnic and cultural groups which shape Indonesia, a reminder of the nation’s motto: ‘Unity in Diverse’. You may have to search high and low in this multi-cultural collage to find one of the proud ethnic Jakartans, called "Orang Betawi".

Their language.Betawi Malay, has two variations, conventional Betawi Malay, spoken by elder people and bred in Jakarta, and modern Jakarta Malay, a slang form spoken by the younger generation and migrants.

Jakarta is the port of entry for many tourists and business people. It is home to a dynamic contrast between Western-style skyscrapers, modern urban life-styles and traditional Indonesian culture. It’s rapid growth into a metropolitan city reflects the economic, political, social and industrial development of the nation. In recent years, Jakarta has expanded its facilities for visitors with luxury hotels, fine restaurants, exciting nightlife and modern shopping centers. It contains many tourists attractions such as Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Beautiful ‘Indonesia in Miniature’ Park), restored colonial period buildings, island resorts in the Pula Seribu (Thousand Island), and an extensive beach recreation complex called Ancol.

Inside the Roxy Mas IT Mall. Roxy Mas is the largest cell phone shopping mall in Indonesia. Hundreds of shops sell second-hand phones.
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Last updated: May 10, 2010