George G., Russia: "American NGOs and missionaries in Akha villages - here you can read an Akha voice on what they are doing: sex abuse, kidnapping children, and DEA agents. Details here; http://akha.blogspot.com "

ONG américaines et des missionnaires dans les villages Akha - ici vous pouvez lire une voix Akha sur ce qu'ils font: l'abus sexuel, le rapt d'enfants, et agents de la DEA. Détails ici; http://akha.blogspot.com




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warakat = (alternative spelling: warkah, warkat) (Literary) letter, text
(kata tidak umum, not a common word)


huruf = letter, characters
surat = letter, epistle, writing, scripture, certificate, document, ticket, note, receipt, check, card

Definisi Dalam Bahasa Indonesia

warakat = warkat


I have stated in several other articles that self-cognition enables us to realize that actually, it would be better to be dead than alive.


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