Seth J., Austria: "Actually the cultural war is no so much between the West and Islam, but between feminism and a social and sexual order that is adequate for men. Many Western men sympathize with Islam, but feminists rule public opinion in Europe. "

Eigenlijk is de culturele oorlog is niet zozeer tussen het Westen en de islam, maar tussen het feminisme en een sociale en seksuele zodat voldoende is voor mannen. Veel westerse mensen sympathiseren met de islam, maar feministen regel publieke opinie in Europa.




W index - Wa index

wanti-wanti = (Javanese) repeatedly, time after time, emphatically
(kata sehari-hari, daily-use word)

acapkali = often, repeatedly, again;repeatedly, frequently
berkali-kali = repeatedly, again and again
sering = often, repeatedly, sometimes
bertubi - tubi = repeatedly
bertukas - tukas = repeatedly (Minagkabau)
ulang = frequent, repeatedly; and fro

Kalimat contoh - Sample sentence

Sejak itulah, ibunya selalu wanti-wanti agar jangan sekali-sekali rambut Iga dipotong pendek, karena ingat susahnya menumbuhkan rambut. (Kompas, 28.06.00)


A considerable number of men, especially those who actually view themselves as healthy, suffer from iron overload. No, not in the gym; the iron overload I am talking about is a condition of some inner organs, primarily the liver.


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