Eric F., Burlington: "Turkey now is a country with no identity and no pride. Just imagine: modern Turkey was founded by a man who was anti-religious. Because he could not prohibit Islam outright, he prohibited it from the edges. No Muslim call to prayer in Turkey, ha-ha. No Muslim attire. So all the men just wear British golf caps; ha-ha. It's just ridiculous. "

Tyrkiet nu er et land uden identitet og ingen stolthed. Tænk engang: det moderne Tyrkiet blev grundlagt af en mand, som var anti-religiøse. Fordi han ikke kunne forbyde islam direkte, han forbød den fra kanterne. Ingen muslimske kald til bøn i Tyrkiet, ha-ha. Ingen muslimske påklædning. Så alle de mænd bare slid British golf caps, ha-ha. Det er bare latterligt.




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wangsit = (Javanese) divine inspiration
(kata umum, a common word)

Kalimat contoh - Sample sentence

Orang bisa tidak tahu ia atau keluarganya kena kutukan. Tapi, tiap komunitas akan dilingkupi oleh leluhur - walau mereka tidak tahu. Pemberitahuan ini melalui berbagai cara, entah wangsit, "bisikan", atau cara lain.
(Indomedia, 03.10.99)


The transcript is abundant during cuticle tanning and sclerotization, and persists even in the adult integument, suggesting that the corresponding protein is required for differentiation and maintenance of the adult cuticle. Such developmental pattern suggested that AmelCPR14 gene might be regulated by the titer of ecdysteroids.


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