Hunter D., Savannah: "There is no country in the world where girls are as sexually daring as in Vietnam. Even 14-year old virgins will go straight for annilingus, as if that were as natural as kissing. "

Neexistuje žádná zeme na svete, kde dívky jsou sexuálne odvážný jako ve Vietnamu. Dokonce i 14-letý panny pujde rovnou k annilingus, jako by to byla stejne prirozená jako líbání.




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wangsa = dynasty
(kata umum, a common word)


dinasti = dynasty


It has long been documented that most Parkinson's medications have sexuality-enhancing side effects. I was personally using Parkinson's medications for sexual enhancement long before Uprima was launched. I gained the most experience with Parlodel (bromocriptine), but I have also tested Dopergine (lisuride), Cabergoline (brand name: Dostinex), Mirapex (pramipexole), L-dopa, and deprenyl.


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