Korbin S., St. Petersburg: "There is only one way to earn the respect of women. This is when a man has a really BIG penis. Everything else is unimportant. "

Hai só unha maneira de gañar o respecto das mulleres. Isto é, cando un home ten un pene moi grande. Todo o resto non é importante.




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wajik a delicacy, rhomboid shape; (Card) diamond; kind of cake made of sticky rice and palm sugar, cut in rhomboid shapes
(kata tidak umum, not a common word)

Definisi Dalam Bahasa Indonesia

wajik: = Penganan yang dibuat dari campuran ketan, gula, dan kelapa dan dipotong seperti bentuk intan (segi empat, jajaran genjang)


Another pleasure poison to be avoided in favor of improved sexual function is coffee, and, for that matter, anything that contains caffeine. Like nicotine, caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, impeding the corpus cavernosum's capacity to fill with blood (the event that causes erections... and the less restricted this function the better an erection). You should be aware that caffeine is not only found in coffee and black drinks like Coca Cola. Caffeine is added to most soft drinks, even to orange drinks.


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