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The alphalives team
Sexual career coaching
  French: Le coaching de la carrière sexuelle
  Slovenian Instrukcije za uspeh na seksualnem podrocju
What men want and what women want

Advice for men: having many girls and women (no prostitutes)

Importance of membership
Sexual opportunities in Asia
An extremely cheap solution
  Italian: Una soluzione molto economica
Your most important decision
  Spanish: Tu decision mas importante
  German: Deine wichtigste Entscheidung
Geography and Love
Choosing the right country

Sexual lifestyle in Southeast Asia
Your agenda
Sexual agenda
Sexual satisfaction in Southeast Asia
Third World quality of life
Different rules
Asian sexual market value
Sexual tolerance in Asia (members)
A dialectical perspective (members)

Your edge in Asia
Big city or small town - what is better (part 1)
Big city or small town - what is better (part 2) (members)
Big country, small country (part 1)
Big country, small country (part 2) (members)
Alpha males
  Greek: Άλφα αρσενικά
  Swedish Om alfahannar
You can be an alpha male
Why every man who follows my advice can have a playboy lifestyle (members)
How to have a new girlfriend every week in Southeast Asia (members)
Where in Southeast Asia you can easily have legal sex with a 17-year old girlfriend who enters the relationship with you as a virgin - no prostitution, no trafficking involved... but you should not be poor (members)
How to compete (members)
Penis size in Asia

Country comparisons and rankings
Toilets of Southeast Asia
Country comparison for the newcomer (part 1)
Country comparison for the newcomer (part 2) (members)
  Korean: 신참 위해 나라 비교
Which country offers what (members)
Africa, Asia, or Latin America? (members)
Where to find the most beautiful woman of the world (members)
Looking for beauty at the right places - 1
Looking for beauty at the right places - 2 (members)
Looking for love at the right places - 1
Looking for love at the right places - 2 (members)
Looking for virgins at the right places - 1
Looking for virgins at the right places - 2 (members)

Country by country
Southeast Asia (members)
Where in China to have the best chance of being with beautiful girls?
Quick change in China (members)
What is possible, and what not, in China (members)
Your options in China (members)
More comments on China (members)
Sexually understanding China (members)
The mentality of Chinese girls and women (members)
The best places to meet willing Chinese girls and women - no prostitutes (members)
ECs in China (members)
Is China good for black men?
Teenage prostitutes in China, part 1
Teenage prostitutes in China, part 2 (members)
India (members)
Chinese and Indian girls (members)
Japan (members)
More notes on Japan (members)
The best place to pick up Japanese girls (part 1)
The best place to pick up Japanese girls (part 2) (members)
Why Singapore is difficult (members)
Singapore (members)
Vietnam (members)
Exited about Vietnam (members)
Vietnam compared to China and Thailand (members)
Settling in Vietnam (members)
Marriages in Vietnam (members)
Exploits in Cambodia (members)
The potential of Cambodia (members)
Suspicious in Cambodia (members)
What you find, and what not, in Thailand (members)
What's right (in general), and what's wrong (for foreign men) in Thailand (members)
Thailand (members)
One man's Thai wife (members)
The surplus women of Thailand (members)
Malaysia (members)
The Philippines (members)
How about Mongolia?
Why Western men become paedophiles in Southeast Asia
The best country in East Europe (members)
Panama (members)
Dominican Republic (members)
How to get started in the Dominican Republic (members)
Safety in the Dominican Republic (members)
Girls in the Dominican Republic (members)
Africa (members)

Sexual psychology
Appraise your value
Instrumental jealousy
In praise of unfaithfulness
Notes on dirty talk
What women want, and what men want (members)
How women choose men (members)
Rules of competition (members)
Manipulating women (members)
How pimps manipulate girls to become consenting prostitutes (members)
Female sexuality

Prostitutes and non-prostitutes (members)
Virgins (members)
Rules of deceit and deception (members)
The time element in Asian love relationships (members)
Hunting in the Muslim World (members)
Generating income in a Third World country (members)
Career options (members)
You are of university age, and want a life full of love relationships. What academic subject should you decide for? Definite advice. (members)