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The alphalives team
Sexual career coaching
  French: Le coaching de la carrière sexuelle
  Slovenian Instrukcije za uspeh na seksualnem podrocju
What men want and what women want

Advice for men: having many girls and women (no prostitutes)

Importance of membership
Sexual opportunities in Asia
An extremely cheap solution
  Italian: Una soluzione molto economica
Your most important decision
  Spanish: Tu decision mas importante
  German: Deine wichtigste Entscheidung
Geography and Love
Choosing the right country

Sexual lifestyle in Southeast Asia
Your agenda
Sexual agenda
Sexual satisfaction in Southeast Asia
Third World quality of life
Different rules
Asian sexual market value
Sexual tolerance in Asia (members)
A dialectical perspective (members)

Your edge in Asia
Big city or small town - what is better (part 1)
Big city or small town - what is better (part 2) (members)
Big country, small country (part 1)
Big country, small country (part 2) (members)
Alpha males
  Greek: Άλφα αρσενικά
  Swedish Om alfahannar
You can be an alpha male
Why every man who follows my advice can have a playboy lifestyle (members)
How to have a new girlfriend every week in Southeast Asia (members)
Where in Southeast Asia you can easily have legal sex with a 17-year old girlfriend who enters the relationship with you as a virgin - no prostitution, no trafficking involved... but you should not be poor (members)
How to compete (members)
Penis size in Asia

Country comparisons and rankings
Toilets of Southeast Asia
Country comparison for the newcomer (part 1)
Country comparison for the newcomer (part 2) (members)
  Korean: 신참 위해 나라 비교
Which country offers what (members)
Africa, Asia, or Latin America? (members)
Where to find the most beautiful woman of the world (members)
Looking for beauty at the right places - 1
Looking for beauty at the right places - 2 (members)
Looking for love at the right places - 1
Looking for love at the right places - 2 (members)
Looking for virgins at the right places - 1
Looking for virgins at the right places - 2 (members)

Country by country
Southeast Asia (members)
Where in China to have the best chance of being with beautiful girls?
Quick change in China (members)
What is possible, and what not, in China (members)
Your options in China (members)
More comments on China (members)
Sexually understanding China (members)
The mentality of Chinese girls and women (members)
The best places to meet willing Chinese girls and women - no prostitutes (members)
ECs in China (members)
Is China good for black men?
Teenage prostitutes in China, part 1
Teenage prostitutes in China, part 2 (members)
India (members)
Chinese and Indian girls (members)
Japan (members)
More notes on Japan (members)
The best place to pick up Japanese girls (part 1)
The best place to pick up Japanese girls (part 2) (members)
Why Singapore is difficult (members)
Singapore (members)
Vietnam (members)
Exited about Vietnam (members)
Vietnam compared to China and Thailand (members)
Settling in Vietnam (members)
Marriages in Vietnam (members)
Exploits in Cambodia (members)
The potential of Cambodia (members)
Suspicious in Cambodia (members)
What you find, and what not, in Thailand (members)
What's right (in general), and what's wrong (for foreign men) in Thailand (members)
Thailand (members)
One man's Thai wife (members)
The surplus women of Thailand (members)
Malaysia (members)
The Philippines (members)
How about Mongolia?
Why Western men become paedophiles in Southeast Asia
The best country in East Europe (members)
Panama (members)
Dominican Republic (members)
How to get started in the Dominican Republic (members)
Safety in the Dominican Republic (members)
Girls in the Dominican Republic (members)
Africa (members)

Sexual psychology
Appraise your value
Instrumental jealousy
In praise of unfaithfulness
Notes on dirty talk
What women want, and what men want (members)
How women choose men (members)
Rules of competition (members)
Manipulating women (members)
How pimps manipulate girls to become consenting prostitutes (members)
Female sexuality

Prostitutes and non-prostitutes (members)
Virgins (members)
Rules of deceit and deception (members)
The time element in Asian love relationships (members)
Hunting in the Muslim World (members)
Generating income in a Third World country (members)
Career options (members)
You are of university age, and want a life full of love relationships. What academic subject should you decide for? Definite advice. (members)
Best places for Chinese men (members)

Sexual security
Who needs "sexual security"
  German: Wer braucht "sexuelle Sicherheit"
The law
Uninvolved and low-key (members)
Avoiding trouble (members)
Harm's way (members)
The dangers of summation (members)
Understanding crime (members)
Legal considerations (members)
Dangerous errors on (members)
Prisons in Southeast Asia (members)
Court cases documentation (members)
Bribing legal systems in Southeast Asia (members)
What proof you should prepare that intercourse was consensual - 1
What proof you should prepare that intercourse was consensual - 2 (members)
In what encryption format to best keep your sensitive files on your PC (members)

Other aspects
Mass air travel
The dynamics of sex waves (members)
Good times (members)
Dismembering the value of life (members)
Female feedback (members)
Questions and answers (members)

Engineering Love
The engineering of love
Chasing and flattering
Language as sexual tool
What are we living for?
The benefits of jealousy
Sexual satisfaction
Love - it won't last
Neuropharmacological help
Love as neuromolecular constellation
Your wife... Cleopatra
Arranged marriages and sexual revolution
"Body count"
Negative feedback
The quality of orgasms

Advice for women: having a man forever
Strategies to hold a man forever (part 1)
Running a business together
Offering too much sex
Sirih leaves to restore virginity, not just the hymen
Recommended and not recommended cosmetic surgery procedures for female genital beauty (part 1)
Recommended and not recommended cosmetic surgery procedures for female genital beauty (part 2)
My advice to young women in Third World cities
  Dutch: Mijn advies aan jonge vrouwen in derde wereld steden
What is your virginity?
  Bahasa Indonesia: Apakah itu Keperawanan Anda?
Help in finding a foreign husband
Would you like to be a model or actress?
The benefits of religious men
Advice for Chinese women
What a woman needs in life
Exciting prospects for women, even as they get older
Vacancy for female editor

Sexual attractiveness
The philosophical relevance of cosmetic surgery
  Italian: L'aspetto filosofico della chirurgia estetica
Worthwhile to subscribe?
Wrong decisions
Which surgical procedures in which sequence (members)

Tongkat Ali
Scientific research
What are the active ingredients of tongkat ali
  Spanish: Cuàles son los ingredientes activos de tongkat ali?
  German: Was sind die Wirkstoffe von Tongkat Ali?
  Filipino: Ano ang mabibisang sangkap ng tongkat ali

Eurypeptides and bogus science
  Spanish: Las euripeptidas y la falsa ciencia
  German: Eurypeptide und Scheinwissenschaft
  Filipino: Eurypeptides at huwad na agham

Tongkat ali Wikipedia spam
Scientific proof for tongkat ali
  Spanish: Prueba científica del Tongkat Ali
  French: Les preuves scientifiques sur le tongkat ali
  German: Wissenschaftlicher Nachweis der Wirkung Tongkat Alis
  Italian: Prova scientifica per tongkat ali
  Dutch: Wetenschappelijk bewijs voor Tongkat ali
  Swedish Vetenskapligt bevis för tongkat ali
  Slovenian Znanstveni dokaz za tongkat ali
  Simplified Chinese: 下面是科学的官方陈述
  Japanese: トンカット・アリー効果の科学的な証明
  Filipino: Siyentipikong patibay sa tongkat ali

The tongkat ali revolution
  Spanish: La Revoluciðn del Tongkat Ali
  French: La revolution par le tongkat ali
  German: Die Tongkat Ali Revolution
  Italian: La rivoluzione tongkat ali
  Simplified Chinese: 东革阿里革命

Restoring youth with tongkat ali
  Spanish: Restaurando la juventud con Tongkat Ali
  German: Rückkehr zur Jugend mit tongkat ali
  Italian: Riacquistare la giovinezza con tongkat ali
  Simplified Chinese: 东革阿里覧恢复青春的神药

Why tongkat ali is superior to Viagra
  German: Warum tongkat ali Viagra überlegen
  French: Pourquoi le tongkat ali est supérieur au Viagra
  Simplified Chinese: 说到伟哥西地那非对机械勃起它的确  是一种不错的毒品
  Korean: 가 비아그라에 우량한 이유

Human clinical trial
How safe is tongkat ali
Discussing tongkat ali (by invitation only)

Buying tongkat ali
Tongkat ali purchase rules
  Simplified Chinese:一些男人和女人们因为使用了tongkat   ali,无论是在床上还是在健身房都得到了难以置信的提 高  睾酮的效果

Tongkat ali price comparison
Purchasing quality tongkat ali
Tongkat ali in China
Sites covering tongkat ali
Heavy metals in Malaysian tongkat ali

  German: Schwermetalle in malaysischem Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali for date rape

Effect on sex organs
Increasing penis size with tongkat ali
  Spanish: Aumento del tamao del pene con Tongkat Ali
  French: Agrandir la taille de son pénis grâce au tongkat   ali
  German: Penisvergrösserung durch Tongkat Ali
  Italian: Aumentare le dimensioni del pene con tongkat   ali
  Dutch: Het vergroten van de penis met Tongkat ali

Larger testicles from tongkat ali
Penis and testicle size after tongkat ali use

  Dutch: Penis en testikels grootte na gebruik van tongkat   ali

What is a tongkat ali penis?

Effect on sexual function
Better sex with tongkat ali
Excited about tongkat ali
How tongkat ali improves libido
Dramatic libido boost with tongkat ali
No sex drive when off tongkat ali
Intense orgasms with tongkat ali
Ejaculations with tongkat ali
Increased semen volume with tongkat ali
Increased intercourse frequency beyond age 60

Tongkat ali and testosterone
Tongkat ali clinical trials
Free testosterone raised more than threefold
Testosterone levels more than doubled with tongkat ali
Tongkat Ali’s likely hormonal pathway

How to use, dosage
Tongkat Ali dosage
  German: Dosierung von tongkat ali
Tongkat Ali tea or extract
Higher dosage tongkat ali extract
Four times the standard dosage of tongkat ali extract
Tongkat ali extract at age 76

Weight loss with tongkat ali
Tongkat ali and weight loss
Physical improvement with tongkat ali
Tongkat ali and athletic performance

  German: Tongkat Ali und sportliche Leistungen

Tongkat ali and general health
Tongkat ali studied as cancer treatment
  Spanish: Restaurando la juventud con Tongkat Ali
  German: Tongkat ali Studie bezüglich Krebsbehandlung

Tongkat ali and other substances
Tongkat ali and kacip fatimah
Tongkat Ali compared to dopaminergics

Scientific articles on tongkat ali
Effects on sexual performance
Aphrodisiac qualities of Eurycoma longifolia jack
Increase of sexual motivation
Tongkat ali and sexual orientation
Enhanced libido
Antimalarial activity
Tongkat ali and sexual dysfunction

Male sexual function
Questions and Answers (members)

To be a better lover
Program for optimal sexual function
Size matters
Men´s concerns with penis size and erection quality
Penis size and evolution
How to satisfy a woman
The importance of delaying orgasm
What medication can be used to facilitate orgasms
How to have correct intercourse (members)
How to engineer female orgasms (members)
Where to buy the orgasm ease medication (members)
How to satisfy every woman, and have the best sex of a lifetime yourself
The right pharmacological mix (for the best sex of a lifetime) (members)
Male ignorance about the female orgasm (members)
The psychology of better sex (members)
Depressed for a reason

Yohimbe and other sexual enhancement medications
Yohimbe and erectile dysfunction
Yohimbine pharmacology
Scientific articles on yohimbe
Does yohimbe increase penis size?
Yohimbe dosage (members)
Yohimbe overdose management (members)
Yohimbe or yohimbine - which is better ? (members)
Yohimbine prescriptions
Yohimbe buyer's guide (members)
Review of yohimbe products (members)
Yohimbe Fuel price comparison
Yohimbine at 5 US cents per 5 mg dose (members)
Yohimbe compared with other substances
Can yohimbine be combined with Viagra (members)
How yohimbine and sildenafil citrate (Viagra) work
Selegiline (deprenyl) for better sex
Yohimbe combined with bromocriptine, deprenyl, and arginine (members)
Chairman Mao
Yohimbine and beta-blockers (members)
My current own yohimbe regimen
Yohimbe and sleep (members)
Apomorphine instead of
Yohimbe exporter in Nigeria 1 (members)
Yohimbe exporter in Nigeria 2 (members)
Yohimbe sources in West Africa (members)

Other herbal aphrodisiacs and non-aphrodisiacs
Superb sex with Tongkat Ali
You need phyllanthus to stay genitally fit
Muira puama - not an aphrodisiac, just a tonic
Pygeum for a lean prostate
Q+A - Erection disappointment (members)
Damiana to strengthen the uro-genital tract
Garlic's great power (members)

Optimal sexual function
Hypothalamic stimulation
The metaphysics of sexual dysfunction and sexual enhancement
Is penis enlargement for real?
Penile-vaginal orgasms
Negative feedback
Enhancing sexual desire
Do phytoestrogens make men impotent?
GHB and sex (members)

Dopaminergic drugs
New York doc no longer available (members)
Apomorphine for sexual enhancement
How apomorphine works (members)
Apomorphine compared to yohimbine (members)
Bulk apomorphine (members)
Sexual enhancement with bromocriptine
Bromocriptine not just for Parkinson's (members)
How to use bromocriptine in the treatment of sexual dysfunction or for sexual enhancement (members)
How does bromocriptine feel - personal experience (members)
How to avoid the bromocriptine nausea (members)
How to buy bromocriptine without prescription (members)
Dopamine agonists
Dostinex - another anti-prolactin ergot derivate
The BBC on Dostinex
Dostinex in context
After you received your Dostinex (members)
How does Dostinex feel (members)
How to best get your Dostinex (members)
Dostinex at 80 US cents per 0.5 mg (members)
Dostinex and prolactin (members)
Dostinex and testosterone (members)
Dostinex and libido (members)
Lisuride, migraines, and being hyper-sexed
Can I, please, have my migraines back
How to take lisuride for sexual enhancement (members)
Lisuride combined with Viagra (members)
Permax / pergolide for sexual enhancement
Pergolide compared with other dopaminergics (members)
Where to buy Permax / pergolide without prescription (members)
Ergot - a plant poison used for medications that enhance sexuality
Pramipexole and yohimbine
Pramipexole (Mirapex) tested (members)
Amineptine reported to cause powerful orgasms (members)
How to use deprenyl to improve sex
The dopamine route to a better sex life (members)

Indian and Chinese sildenafil citrate (members)
How sildenafil citrate (Viagra) and yohimbine work
Viagra for women?

Testosterone modulation
What you can do with testosterone
Bodybuilding pseudo science
The theory of enhancing testosterone for better sexual function
Personal experience with enhancing testosterone as treatment of sexual dysfunction (members)
Testosterone - a second opinion (members)
Testosterone modulation (members)
Testosterone up-regulation, a tricky issue (members)
DHEA - more hype than substance
Injecting growth hormone
Growth hormone and the dream of an indefinite lifespan (members)
Growth hormone and sexual function (members)
Successful use of growth hormone (members)
Prolactin, the multiple culprit

Prostaglandins, Nitroglycerin
Online alprostadil prescriptions and low-price alprostadil cream
Nitroglycerin and erections

Do you need vitamin or mineral supplements?
Discount supplements
Multivitamins - save your money for better purchases
Warning: Health World Online

Amino acids - are they any good?
Fine tuning sexual functions with amino acids
How to use arginine to help erections (members)
Lysine - amino acid against herpes
Carnitine - the life-extension amino acid
Phenylalanine and sexual enhancement

The future of sexual enhancement (and happiness)
Neuropharmacology - the new route to happiness
Engineering happiness
Engineering youth
Nature, our enemy
Nature wants us unhappy
Nature depriving us

Scientific background
Essential chemistry
Body chemistry
Basics of human anatomy
Lab mice
Cataracts, epilepsy

Female sexual function
Engineering the female orgasm

Sexual philosophy
Making sense
Why do I exist?
No benefit
  Swedish Ingen frdeln
Committing suicide
Moral values

The primacy of sex
Sexual desires