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only, nothing else than, but merely
(kata sehari-hari - daily-use-word)

cuma only, merely; only, but
cuman (informal) only
doangan (Jakarta) only, no more than; merely
hanya only; nly, however
semata-mata only, nothing other than

Kalimat contoh - Sample sentence
Etika dan aturan main pitching dalam industri periklanan yang memang baru saja mekar, masih sering mengundang persoalan, baik bagi biro iklan maupun pengiklan.(Cakram, 26.08.99)

biasa saja It is just the usual thing
(kata sehari-hari - daily-use-word)

baik-baik saja Everything is fine; just, only (as the best thing under the circumstances); exactly, name the things, people, etc. (with interrogative words); just, exactly; just, alo; emphasizing particle want it; (Javanese) even; nevertheless, anyway
(kata umum - a common word)

kalau saja if only
(kata umum - a common word)


I am committed not to break any law , as I do not intend to waste my life in a prison. The preference therefore is to settle at a location where my sexual conduct is not in conflict with the law.

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