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1) simple, natural
(kata tidak umum - not a common word)

2) (alternative spelling: saja) only, nothing else than
(kata tidak umum - not a common word)

biasa sahaja (alternative spelling: biasa saja) It is just the usual thing
(kata tidak umum - not a common word)

baik-baik sahaja (alternative spelling: baik-baik saja) Everything is fine; just, only (as the best thing under the circumstances); exactly, name the things, people, etc.(with interrogative words); just, exactly; just, alo; emphasizing particle want it; (Javanese) even; nevertheless, anyway
(kata tidak umum - not a common word)

kalau sahaja (alternative spelling: kalau saja) if only
(kata tidak umum - not a common word)

see / lihat: bersahaja, mempersahajakan, kesahajaan


Because here, in Europe, cultural imperialists have to play by their own, hypocritical, rules. You can use their courts of law, and, if you acquired European citizenship, even the ballot box, to defend your own culture.

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