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mi, miak, miang, mib, midar, midik, midodareni, mie, migas, migran, migrasi, mihrab, mihun, mik, mika, mikrad, mikraj, mikro, mikroba, mikrobiologi, mikrobis, mikrofon, mikrolet, mikron, mikropon, mikroskop, mikroskopis milenium, mili, miligram, milik, millimeter, milioner, milisi, militan, militansi, militer, militerisme, militeristis, miliun, milyar, milyaran, milyarder, milyuner, mimbar, mimi, mimik, mimis, mimisan, mimpi, mina, minal'aidin walfaizin, Minang, minat, minder, mindring, minerologi, minggat, minggu, miniatur, minikata, minim, minimal, minimum, minoritas, minta, mintakat, mintaku'lburuj, mintuna, minum, minus, minyak, mirah, mi'raj, miring, mirip, mirjan, misa, misai, misal, misan, misbah, misi, misiologi, misionaris, miskin, miskram, misoa, misro, missi, mistar, mister, misteri, misterius, mistik, mistis mite, mitologi, mitologis, mitoni, mitos, mitra, mitraliur, Mizan


Erectile failure in most cases is a localized vascular problem: blood vessels have to supply a sufficient amount of blood to the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum, and drainage has to be avoided. This is all rather mechanical, and it can be achieved pharmacologically either by sildenafil citrate or yohimbine.

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