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firm, company, enterprise
(kata umum - a common word)

synonym / sinonim

erat fixed, tight, solid, firm; firm (of promise, etc.); close (of relationship)
(kata umum - a common word)

padat solid, firm, compact, massive, packed, chok full; dense
(kata umum - a common word)

padu thorough, firm, strong, melted together, solid, compact, fused; in harmony
(kata umum - a common word)

sasa robust, strong, sturdy, firm
(kata tidak umum - not a common word)

tandas firm
(kata umum - a common word)

teguh firm, solidly made or done
(kata umum - a common word)


Indonesian tongkat ali, as well as kacip fatimah, can be purchased from the world's only tongkat ali plantation, Sumatra Pasak Bumi. The company and plantation are named Sumatra Pasak Bumi, not Sumatra Tongkat Ali, because the Indonesian name of tongkat ali is pasak bumi.

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