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philosophy, ideology
(kata umum - common word)

falsafah Pancasila the ideology of Pancasila; philosophical system
(kata umum - common word)

ilmu filsafat philosophy
(kata umum - common word)

filsafat ilmu pengetahuan philosophy of science; (CoIloquial) mysticism
(kata umum - common word)

berfilsafat philosophize, speculate
(kata umum - common word)

Definisi dalam Bahasa Indonesia:

filsafat pengetahuan dan penyelidikan dgn akal budi mengenai hakikat segala yg ada, sebab, asal dari hukumnya

see / lihat: filsafah


He is quoted as saying: "The right to pursue happiness guaranteed by the Constitution includes the right to decide whether to engage in sexual intercourse and with whom, where and when to do so. Transforming adultery into a criminal offense is against the Constitution."

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