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[root word / kata dasar: cucur1] pouring, flood
(kata umum - common word)

cucuran atap eaves
(kata umum - common word)

cucuran keringat sweat, perspiration
(kata umum - common word)

see / lihat:
cucur, bercucuran, mencucuri, mencucurkan


For a girl selected to serve in the kippu(mjo, it is impossible to refuse, even if she is the daughter of a party official. Manjokcho must have sex with male high-ranking party officials. Their services are not available to most North Korean men.[3] Not all kippu(mjo work as prostitutes ? the source used is unclear as to whether only adult women are assigned to prostitution, or whether there is prostitution of children; other kippu(mjo activities are massaging and half-naked singing and dancing.

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