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1). bill, beak; (Milltary) front line; vanguard
(kata tidak umum - not a common word)

(alternative spelling: cocok2) pin, needle; skewer
(kata tidak umum - not a common word)

dua cucuk sate (alternative spelling: dua cocok sate) two skewers of barbecued meat
(kata umum - common word)

cucuk keluan (alternative spelling: cocok keluan) nose rope for cattle
(kata tidak umum - not a common word)

cucuk kondai / sanggul (alternative spelling: cocok kondai / sanggul) hairpin
(kata umum - common word)

Definisi dalam bahasa Indonesia:

cucuk 1)
cotok; paruh; patuk



The North Korean government engages in forced prostitution. Its prostitutes are known as manjokcho and are organised as a part of the kippu(mjo, who are drafted from among 14 to 20 year old virgins, trained for about 20 months, and often "ordered to marry guards of [Kim Jong-il] or national heroes" when they are 25 years old. For a girl selected to serve in the kippu(mjo, it is impossible to refuse, even if she is the daughter of a party official.

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