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cuaca, cuai, cuap, cuar, cuat, cuatan, cubit, cubitan, cublik, cubung, cubung-cubung, cuca, cucakrawa, cucak-rawa, cuci, cucian, cucimaki, cucu, cucuh, cucuk, cucunda, cucung, cucunguk, cucup, cucur, cucuran, cucurut, cucut, cuh, cuik, cuil, cuit, cuitan, cuk, cuka, cukai, cuke, cuki, cukil, cukilan, cukin, cukit, cukong, cukongisme, cukup, cukupan, cukur, cukuran, cula, culan, culas, culik, cuma, cuman, cumbu, cumi-cumi, cumlaude, cun, cunam, cunda, cundang, cundrik, cunduk, cung, cungap, cungkil, cungkilan, cungkup, cunguk, cungul, cungur, cuo-sangiin, cuplik, cuplikan, cupu, cupu-cupu, cupul, cur, cura, curah, curahan, curai, curaian, curam, curang, curat, cureng, curi, curian, curi-curi, curiga, curu, curu-curu, curuk, cus, cuti, cuwil,


"There is almost no industry there, so unemployment is high," the report maintained, noting Niyazov had raised the issue of levels of prostitution on a visit there, but declined to discuss the matter further publicly a common strategy in a country that officially has no problems.

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