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About the author
Introduction to my work *
Political and philosophical essays *
Drafts and version numbers *
How I view myself *
To write or not to write *
Why I write *
Readers editing articles *

Basics of ideology
Optimal orgasms and a gentle death instead of God *
The idea of a gentle death *
Better alive or dead *
Truth and lunacy *
Me and my genes *
The other “eternal” life *
Self-cognition and male/female sexuality *
Marxism and personal values *
Sexual Front Manifesto *
Imposed freedom *
Progress and quality of life *
Nihilism? *

Sexual politics
Substitute freedom *
Why poor Third World democracies are a poor option for foreign investors *
Wrong perceptions about democracy *
Leadership vs democracy *
Why everything gets worse in poor democracies *
Bad democracies *
US-style democracy *
Democracy overemphasizes change *
Better democracy *

An elitist ruling party; a constitution; democracy; and freedom *
Sexual Front politics *
How we can change the world *
Policies for a society of greater sexual freedom *
Second tier values: freedom and safety *
The fallacies of Libertarian politics *
Violence as political tool *
The necessity, and benefits, of destruction *
The problem with leftist politics *
Their model, my model *
The anarchistic alternative *
States are not per se obstacles to personal freedom *
Less government, more personal freedom *
"Personal freedom" strategy *
Will the male and female sex drive ever square? *
Male competition or male solidarity? *
Activism for nihilists *
Agenda for political activism *
On what to spend your money *

Problematic wealth
The wealth trap *
The poverty-sexuality connection *
Who needs a rich society? *
Population policies *
A better world order *

Cultural imperialism
Cultural imperialism *
Anti-sexual US agenda *
Why the US is morally out of proportion *
The real reason for anti-Americanism *
America at war
Why we are winning the Iraq war *
Hope on China *
Why China’s success is crucial *
Why there is nothing wrong with corruption *

Genuine feminism *
Female adaptations *
Sexual morals *
Female emancipation *
Anti-sexual feminism *
Brainwashing young females *
Anti women *
The motivations behind feminazism *

Drugs *
The legalization of drugs *
The anti-religious effect of drugs *
Who is against drugs? *
Drugs and religions *
The value of lifestyle drugs *
Drugs for sexual enhancement *
Death from opiates *

Commercial sex
Prostitution and commercial sex *
Commercial sex establishments *
Why sex tourism (biological interests) *
Prostitution *
US Congress regulating international dating (biological interests) *
US International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005
Third World tourism *
Promoting sex tourism? *
The dialectics of US meddling *

Why I write about Mr. S ... *
S ... - a priest whose primary interest is sexual *
Child torture, child murder in Africa *
C... and the Philippine colonial mentality *
Missionaries *
A Catholic priest in Cambodia *
Burden of proof *
Why young adults can favor anti-sexual religions *
Why Bin Laden has an endless supply of suicide bombers *

Laws of principle (disproportional punishments; extraterritorial laws) *
Leaving US citizenship (disproportional punishments; extraterritorial laws) *
Multiple citizenship *
US human rights (disproportional view of rights and violence) *
Violent and non-violent crime (disproportional punishments for social engineering) *
Constitutional proposal (constitutional right to sexual satisfaction) *
Age discrimination (no birth records) *
Youth emancipation *
An alternative legal theory (victim and perpetrator settlement) *
Dynamic justice (victim and perpetrator settlement) *

Rape charges
Sexual violence *
Sexual culture (how laws can change sexual culture in a country very quickly) *
Anti-male legal bias *
False rape accusations *
Feminazi's rape *
Violent crime *
Holding judges criminally liable for inappropriate sentences *
Male fools (disadvantageous to have a relationship with a woman with a previous child) *

The media
Freedom of the press *
Regulating the media *
Banning sexual reporting *
Over-reporting "sexual predators" *
The BBC *
A good story *

Third World development
From poverty to prosperity *
Globalization *
How to lure foreign investment into a Third World country *
Foreign investment *
Foreign investment in Indonesia
My recipe for Third World development *
Creating wealth in Third World countries *
Why Indonesia should liberalize its drug laws
High visa charges *
Colonialism *
Why Third World countries are poor *
The trickery of economic aid
Scandinavian hypocrisy
The new cultural imperialism *
My advice to young women in Third World cities *

Sexual philosophy
Making sense *
Why do I exist?
No benefit *
Committing suicide *
Moral values *

The primacy of sex
Sexual desires *
Scoring *
Sex beyond good and bad *
The Marquis de Sade *
Sexual exploits *
Knowledge of purpose *
The meaning of life *
The philosophical relevance of sexual enhancement *
The metaphysics of sex *

The world, bad as it is
Know your enemies *
Disease and sexual morals *

To get what you need
Preferences *
Wrong priorities *
Social control *
Peace and disorder (nihilistic negation of elaborate value systems) *
Sexual infrastructure *
Morals (for others) *
Maximizing sexual experience *
Only pleasure *
Living in Third World countries *

A new society
Welcome to the harem
Creating sexually better societies *

Sexual opportunities
Sexual opportunities member login

Importance of membership
An extremely cheap solution
Your most important decision *
Geography and Love (Sexual opportunities members)
Choosing the right country (Sexual opportunities members)

Sexual lifestyle in Southeast Asia
Your agenda *
Sexual agenda
Sexual satisfaction in Southeast Asia *
Third World quality of life
Different rules
Asian sexual market value *
Sexual tolerance in Asia (Sexual opportunities members) *
A dialectical perspective (Sexual opportunities members)



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buat do, make; for
(kata umum - a common word)

buat apa ? For what ?
(kata umum - a common word)

buat saya for me
(kata umum - a common word)

buat sementara for the time being;
in order to

(kata umum - a common word)

see / lihat : berbuat, membuat, membuat-buat, memperbuat, terbuat, buatan, buat-buatan, pembuat, pembuatan, perbuatan

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