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Indonesia - English Dictionary

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contract, agreement, covenant
(kata umum, a common word)

akad bawah tangan private agreement
(kata umum, a common word)

akad jual beli sales contract
(kata umum, a common word)

akad nikah marriage contract; marriage-settlement ceremony performed by the groom in the presence of the imam
(kata umum, a common word)

Kalimat Contoh - Sample Sentence:
Aku hanya melihatnya seperti ini sekali, saat ia menentang Bapak yang memaksaku melepas kerudung menjelang akad nikah. (Ummi group, 08.02.00)


In Vietnam, for example, the local name of tongkat ali translates as "the plant that cures a hundred diseases".

Jan Garanoz
Last updated: October 23, 2011