Phnom Penh




Mealea D., Phnom Penh: "The worst human rights violation is when a rich Western man marries a Cambodian prostitute and founds a family with her. First, to get her out of the brothel, the rich Western man has to pay the pimp or mamasan, which constitutes the crime of human trafficking. Furthermore, it is obvious that the Western man marries the Cambodian girl only BECAUSE HE WANTS SEX. So, the crime is trafficking for obscenity. If it were love, the man would not make sex."

Psar Tmey in Phnom Penh

The City

Foreigners in legal trouble


Map of Phnom Penh

Map of Phnom Penh

Chips are intended to be boiled as tea for about 15 minutes, not for raw consumption.

Last updated: March 2, 2016