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Metfone mobile Internet

Metfone uses only 1 head number, 097.

Check balance *097#
Check own number *99#

Cambodia country code 855

All charges US dollar.

When one refills, one gets a substantial bonus that can only be used with other 097 numbers.

Metfone has 2 Internet plans, either per download or unlimited per day. Unlimited per day automatically extends to the next day and if not cancelled, accumulates a debit that is charged when the number is reloaded with money.

Activation if Internet plans can be done by oneself, no need to go to the Metfone office. However, new Metfone numbers can be bought by foreigners only at Metfone offices, not at cellular shops. At the metfone office, they make a copy of the passport. At cellular shops they require a Cambodian ID card.

Activating unlimited Internet:
Send SMS to 111
Content of SMS: on3
They will send a return SMS, to which one has to reply again with: yes
After that, one should turn off the phone and wait about 5 minutes.

They will charge 0.7 US dollar per day.

To turn off the unlimited plan, one sends again a SMS to 111. Content of SMS: off

To turn on internet that is charged by kilobyte, one sends a SMS to 111. Content of SMS: on1 There will probably again be a SMS from them to which one will have to reply.

For activating plan 1 that charges by kilobyte, there is a monthly charge of 0.50 US dollar. After that, the charge per 100 kilobyte is 0.01 US dollar.

Turning off unlimited daily Internet by SMS to 111 may not always work

In that case one can call the Metfone call center at 1777 to request that they turn off unlimited daily Internet. Otherwise they continue charging 70 cents per day.

Metfone Internet works up to the Thai Cambodian border crossings at Koh Kong and Ban Laem.

On the Cambodian side of the crossings, Thai DTAC always works, and of course also on the Thai side.

At Koh Kong, Thai True Move Internet works but at Ban Laem not.


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Last updated: March 2, 2016


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