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Reader comments on Islam

Reader comments on feminism

Test with 100 mg daily yohimbine

Chlamydien, Tripper, Syphilis

Big city or small town - what is better (part 1)

You only speak English, where in
Asia should you go (part 1)

Lack of scientific studies because yohimbine cannot be patented

Only pleasure

Other options to improve sex

Readers editing articles

Tongkat ali references

Meta study: Yohimbine works


What proof you should prepare that intercourse was consensual - 1

Where in China to have the best chance of being with beautiful girls?

Who is Jan Garanoz?

15 mg of yohimbine - not better than placebo for patient with organic erectile dysfunction

30 milligram yohimbine - significantly better than placebo

Meta study: Yohimbine works as medication for diabetics with erectile dysfunction

American Urological Association: yohimbine only has marginal efficacy, not justified for erectile dysfunction based on organic problems

Up to 30 milligram a day - 3 of 11 men reporting strong positive effect

Before Pfizer Blue, pills were not effective to treat erectile dysfunction

Meta study: Yohimbine works


Fingerprinting in Cambodia

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