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Houston, Texas: Why men worry a lot about their penis size

Thomas R. Jackson 4595 Bird Spring Lane Houston, TX 77002

With all the social media rants about being serious hung down there, it can be very distracting for guys especially guys don’t know how hung they’re.

And sadly, many of men who don’t have small penises think they do, and that is very weird. People who are well hung are stuck thinking their dicks are little even when ladies they’re with, tell them they’re not little down there. They’re stuck thinking the ladies don’t want to hurt their feelings.

In a study that was done at the University of California, it was discovered that about 85 percent of women are pretty much satisfied with their partner’s dick size. See! It’s not as bad as you think.

Dr. David Alessi, a penis plastic surgeon also weighed in when he spoke with Daily Star Online, “Most men who think they have a small penis actually don’t.”

See, it’s mainly psychological, your dick isn’t as small as you think it is.

“Studies vary, but research suggests that the average erect penis ranges from under five inches to just under six inches.

“Most men who think their penis is too small have penis dysmorphic syndrome and would be better off seeing a shrink and not a surgeon.”

Guys usually just assume other men have bigger dicks than they have, and it is all psychological. It isn’t a common sight where you’ll see other men naked so you can measure how much bigger their members are compared to you. Here it is, not every guy that you know has a bigger dick than you. It’s all in your mind. The only other place that men see dicks openly are in porn movies which is another kettle of fish.

Other reasons why men think they’re penis are small could be the hype of penetrative sex. People often refer to this as the real sex, which involves a lot of penis ‘work’. While other type of sex can still make your partner reach orgasm. Oral sex isn’t seen as the real thing which puts a lot of pressure on the man. A man who already thinks he’s dick is little would have performance issue when he’s about to start a sexual intercourse.

Another reason is the unreal standard that is being portrayed in porn movies. Men who are featured mostly have more than average dicks. The well-hung guys are carefully selected to be in these movies, that doesn’t mean every man around has nine inch dick. Porno movies have standards that cannot be met by everyone.

Because of this, men who like to have sex the same way they see people have it in movies, which is why saying someone fucks like a porn-star is a compliment. Just the same way, people don’t go around having anal sex like you see in porn movies. Porn can be one of the reasons why guys think their dicks are little.

There are other genres of porn where the participants are not required to have big dicks, and those types are called amateur, in those videos you can learn how to use average penis to give the best kind of pleasure.

To close this off, the size of dick matters but it’s not the only thing. The mastery of your dick will go a long way in pleasuring your lady. Big penis can lead to tear, ask ladies about it and you’ll realize, it has a lot of advantages and also that much disadvantages.

Lastly, your penis isn’t as small as you think it is, stop comparing yourself to porn stars, it took a long process to look for, screen and then get those guys to feature.


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Saint Louis, Missouri: Penis size may increase by 2 inches with one injection

Randy I. Pena 1537 Blane Street Saint Louis, MO 63141

As discussions about sex increase, age old beliefs about intercourse, orgasm and satisfaction in bed are being talked about more. One of the most highly debated concepts is the difference caused by the size of a man’s penis to the overall experience.

But this doesn’t stop a lot of men from seeking to increase the size of their penis, and they employ various techniques from diet to devices and even potentially harmful measures. In this situation, a surgeon has stepped in to introduce a new method which can increase the size of a man’s member by two inches in circumference.

All it takes is a simple injection and a procedure that lasts only for 10 minutes. There’s not even need for a recovery period, as people can just get back to work after the process. The idea is to draw blood from a person’s body and inject it into their penis to increase size.

The only precaution to be taken after this is not having sex for few days, and this procedure was inspired by Botox as well as a treatment used in sports where muscles are revived by injecting a person’s blood back in their own body.

So as long as the girth of the penis goes, this simple new procedure seems to be a major boost.


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Blue Ash, Ohio: Video surfaces of Milo Yiannopoulos defending pedophilia, ACU board reportedly not consulted on CPAC invite

Robert C. Johnson 2390 Barnes Avenue Blue Ash, OH 45242

The American Conservative Union, which hosts the annual gathering of conservatives called “CPAC,” announced over the weekend that alt-Right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos would be this year’s keynote speaker.

Many criticized the move because Yiannopoulos is not seen as a traditional conservative — if a conservative at all. Instead, Yiannopoulos is seen as the figurehead of the alt-Right movement, a movement that prides itself in nationalism, which many accuse of racism and anti-Semitism.

Jonah Goldberg, a senior editor for the conservative magazine National Review who is seen as one of the conservative leaders in post-modern politics, said the move to include Yiannopoulos as the keynote speaker is “sad and disappointing.”

Still, ACU chairman Matt Schlapp defended the decision in comments to the Hollywood Reporter, which broke the story about Yiannopoulos.

“An epidemic of speech suppression has taken over college campuses,” Schlapp told the news outlet. “Milo has exposed their liberal thuggery and we think free speech includes hearing Milo’s important perspective.”

Then on Sunday morning, less than one day after the controversial announcement about the CPAC speaker lineup, video surfaced of Yiannopoulos allegedly defending pedophilia in the past.

“We get hung up on this sort of child abuse stuff,” Yiannopoulos is heard saying in a video, acknowledging that he has a controversial point of view, “to the point where we are heavily policing consensual adults.”

“In the homosexual world, particularly, some of those relationships between younger boys and older men — the sort of ‘coming of age’ relationship — those relationships in which those older men help those young boys discover who they are and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable, sort of rock, where they can’t speak to their parents,” he added.

“It sounds like molestation to me,” an unnamed person tells Yiannopoulos in reply, likely an interviewer. “It sounds like Catholic priest molestation to me.”

“But you know what? I’m grateful for Father Michael. I wouldn’t give nearly such good head if it wasn’t for him,” Yiannopoulos replied, using a euphemism for male oral sex.

It doesn’t end there.

In an interview with comedian Joe Rogan in 2015, Yiannopoulos discussed his sexual relationship with “Father Michael,” which he allegedly had as a teenager at age 14.

During the interview, he even tried to normalize pedophilia.

“So you’re saying you’ve never seen a 15-year-old girl, at any point in your life, that you thought was hot?” Yiannopoulos asked.

“Yeah, when I was 15!” Rogan replied. “I’m not retarded dude.”

“No, when you were 25 or 30, you’ve never seen girls you thought were hot?” Yiannopoulos asked again.

“No, I thought they were little kids!” Rogan said.

Later, Rogan called “Father Michael” a “terrible person” for allegedly having a sexual relationship with Yiannopoulos when he was a young teenager, but Yiannopoulos tried to downplay it.

“It wasn’t molestation,” he alleged

“That’s absolutely molestation,” Rogan shot back.

Later in the interview, Yiannopoulos talked about a Hollywood party he went to years ago that had “very young boys” in attendance for sex.

Yiannopoulos has since responded to the allegations on Facebook Sunday afternoon denying them completely.

Yiannopoulos wrote:

There’s a video going around that purports to show me saying anti-semitic things (nope) and advocating for pedophilia (big nope). The shocking thing? It’s Republicans doing it. Sad to see establishment types collapse into the same tactics as social justice warriors: name calling, deceptively edited videos, confected moral outrage and public shaming. This is why they deserve to burn — and why they are burning. Here’s how I actually feel about pedophilia, which you’d know if you’d actually watched or read anything I’ve ever done. Or, you know, if you had two brain cells to rub together. There’s only one appropriate response to this sort of behavior, and it’s a gigantic F**K YOU!

In addition, it appears that the ACU board was not consulted about Yiannopoulos being named a speaker at this years CPAC, let alone the keynote.

“The ACU board was not consulted on this, nor was there a board vote,” Ned Ryun wrote on Twitter Saturday, who sits on the ACU board.

Last year’s keynote speaker was conservative radio host Glenn Beck, who many criticized in 2016 for being an outspoken critic of then-candidate Donald Trump. Beck didn’t support Trump because he didn’t think Trump was conservative enough.


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