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Southeast Asia is the best part of planet earth and human society

Best weather, best safety, no racism, no agism, best value, best happiness.

If your first step is in the wrong direction, you will never get there. (Serge Kreutz)

Southeast Asia is the hub of the world. OK, maybe not for military strength. Also not for economic power. And not for football, pop music, gourmet pleasures, medical inventions, or financial services. But Southeast Asia is the hub of the world for those seeking a pleasant life, or even just life-long pleasure, with the best sexual enhancement herbals to prepare for such an endeavor.

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Southeast Asia maybe doesn’t have the most beautiful architecture of the world, and may not produce the most beautiful cars, but Southeast Asia has the most beautiful people.

And no other part of the world is as welcoming to foreigners from about anywhere around the world. Southeast Asian countries have gentle societies, largely void of agism, and have the most tolerant societies, respecting personal freedom and emphasizing compromise-seeking in social conflicts. There are more good reasons why it makes sense for those privileged enough to make Southeast Asia there home, regardless of where they have been born.

Southeast Asia has extreme variety. At least 10 different alphabets, and at least double that number of religions. You can have islands or mountains, beaches or jungles, leisure or adventure, beef or pork, rain or shine, and if you have transportable housing, or a motorhome, or a campervan, you can have it all, at the same time, or at least in short sequence.


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